Folksy Ltd

Delete Listing button not working

(Jo Badger) #1


The delete button isn’t working for me.

When I try to delete a listing, it just hangs, the item will dissapear from my dashboard but the whirlygig/buffering icon to show its working never goes away.

Then when I view my listings in my shop, or refresh the page, the item is still available.

All I can do is ‘hide’ listings.

(Sonia Adam) #2

I never delete listings, just hide them if I need to & keep them there. Either that or I change the listing to something else.

(Grimm Exhibition) #3

Ive only had 1 Folksy sale this year.
I received an email abouan itm I made th ther day adn go al excited that someone may be itrested. Then I remembered the scam notice that we have been warned of.