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Hi Seb

I’ve just looked at your Facebook page. You have a link in the About section to your Etsy shop. Where is your link to your Folksy shop ?
Also I don’t know if you take any note of the number of views on your posts ?
If you post a direct link to your Folksy listing Facebook will limit the number of people who can see it - if nobody gets to see it it is unlkely that anyone will be able to follow the link to get to your listing. You need to load the photos directly and put the link in the comment - that will get you more chance of views.
Folksy will be dead to you unless people know you are there.
It’s not dead to me, not dead at all, but I promote promote and promote and many of my sales on here are directed via Facebook. My non Facebook customers don’t find me by chance, they find me via Google as I have my own website (which directs them to my Folksy shop), via Pinterest, via Craftjuice - all linked into here.

So you need to look at your promotion. You can have award winning photos in your shop and award winning candles but unless you tell the outside world they are there…

Joy xx

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Good luck xx