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Disabling paypal

Does anyone know how I might temporarily disable PayPal to buyers so I can only accept money through stripe? the reason being is that PayPal have limited my account and I can’t use any of the money in it! I’m waiting for new passport as proof of I.D .(…all of a sudden they are desperate to know I am, who i say I am) but with all the current mess at the moment this could take absolutely ages. thanks


You are best off emailing admin about this one but I don’t think it is possible to disable paypal because if you do that and someone is checking out from multiple shops and one of them isn’t set up for stripe isn’t set up for stripe then the whole transaction would be screwed as there needs to be a common payment provider. Maybe explain the situation to paypal about your passport being away being to be renewed to see if they would temporarily lift the limitation or accept a different proof of ID?

@SashaGarrett I see what you mean bout the multiple purchases at checkout. I think my best chance is trying to contact Paypal. Though where you can actually do this I don’t know, the site just sends you round in circles - I can’t seem to find an actual contact page or link, will try again!

Unfortunately it’s not possible to disable PayPal as all Folksy shops must accept PayPal.

What you could do is put a note in your announcement asking buyers to pay through Stripe instead.

I tried getting through to PayPal, was in a queue so long it logged me out so I’ll have to start again, though same thing will probably happen. Yes @Konyskiw I was thinking about this, then decided buyers might think it a bit strange. I’m just not happy with PayPal basically ‘holding onto’ my money until this gets sorted out. I’ve been reading horror stories- which is perhaps a bad idea about people having sorted things out, but PayPal still limiting their account for unknown reasons :grimacing:

Your best way of contacting Paypal at the moment is through the online chat. They are incredibly short staffed at the moment and getting through to a person is impossible - or I think you can request that they call you but not sure how well that works.

Have you actually tried using your PayPal account to pay for something or transfer money recently? The only reason I ask is because I heard something, I think on radio 4 where scammers send an email asking for id and then somehow manage to get onto your account and remove money. So, don’t click on any links on your email and sign into your PayPal to do anything related with your account.

Yes I did try and use the chat box thingy, but it was automated and pretty useless. Then I had to wait til someone got back to me, but it logged me out after about an hour and a half . I fear this won’t get sorted any time soon and I’ll just have to hope my passport arrives this year rather than next, fingers crossed.

Yes I’ve tried to buy new supplies, that’s when I was alerted to the fact it was limited. I never click on those phishing email links, always login direct through PayPal, I’m just going to have to be patient I think :crossed_fingers:

I find it’s better to phone them up, I got a phone call back from them as they put the two step authentication system on my account which I could not do as I have no phone at the moment.
Their phone number is 0800 358 7911 if calling from a landline or from a mobile 020 8080 6500

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Thank you for the info, surprisingly my chat message was actually logged and they sent me a message this morning.

Apparently a birth certificate and bank statement might be ok, I wish they would have put that in the specifications in the first place ! The next problem is finding my birth certificate :joy: among my many years worth of rubble !! Probably by the time I find it my passport will arrive .

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