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Documents for identity check

(Roz) #1

I’m currently trying to apply for an iZettle account so that I will be able to take card payments at craft fairs over the christmas period. They need to verify my identity and to do so need a copy of my driving licence or passport (no problem) and a copy of one of the following a utility bill, council tax bill or hmrc tax document (less than 3 months old). And here lies the problem, my husband is responsible for all the utility bills/council tax bills and they are therefore all in his name and the latest correspondence I have from the tax office was in June (more than 3 months ago). Anyone else had this problem. So frustrating when the process should be relatively simple.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

This is a problem that happens a lot I’m afraid if you don’t have utility bills in both names :frowning:

I thankfully have my BT landline in my name.

What you can try is a copy of your marriage license if you are married with a utility bill in your partners name.

Is your name on the rent or mortgage agreement it will be on your council tax.

(Deborah Jones) #3

Go for the paypal one it is instant if you have a paypal account.

(Yvette ) #4

I had that problem with Amazon, apparently to sell on there they wanted photo ID - i don’t drive so never needed a driving license, never been abroad so don’t have a passport and so don’t have any form of photo ID. All i have is my birth certificate and some bills,bank statements. Because years ago that was ok to open bank accounts etc with those i haven’t thought about it being a problem, so i don’t sell my books, CDs and games on Amazon. My children tell me i should just get a passport for ID just in case for the future. I feel so old at 51 without all this modern ID

(Donna) #5

@biskettblue Yvette, I have the same problem, I don’t drive or travel so don’t have either, and they are both very expensive ways of getting a photo ID. You can get a national ID card for about £15 but only some places accept them as ID.
@Rozcraftz have you tried using invoices for the stock and so on you buy, I have used them in the past and they’re usually acceptable to these companies :smile:

Donna x

(Helen Smith) #6

I’ve sometimes had documents in joint names turned down for this sort of proof as well - although that may have something to do with my name, having a letter addressed to ‘mr and mrs smith’ doesn’t prove a great deal!

I do have the water rates in my sole name but then they only come every 6 months so I then have problems with the 3 month rule.

I didn’t have to provide any additional documentary proof when I opened my iZettle account though, other than just link my bank account.