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Does anyone really search for "Gift for Mother" (e.g.)?

(Christine E.) #1

I’m trying to understand how to use keywords but am puzzled by the inclusion of terms like “gift for mother”, as surely all mothers are individuals and not likely to have the same tastes or needs. Mums can be 19 or 90. Do people really search using such wide-ranging criteria?

(Susannah Ayre) #2

I have used a search similar to this in the past when I’ve been totally stuck for ideas and I’m just looking for some general inspiration! Haha so maybe?!
How many people buy super specific gifts? I sometimes feel like I’ve exhausted all good ideas for someone and spend ages wondering what to get people so sometimes find general searches or things like the gift guides on here to be helpful.

I know what you mean though- but with using the 15 tags can you not include something a little general & then much more specific things?

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #3

I think I am more likely to use ‘Mother Gift’ ‘Mothers Day’ when searching for Mother’s Day gifts etc, but only on that occasion. I wouldn’t personally use the word ‘mother’ in the search when searching for, say, a birthday gift for my mum.

When tagging my items I prefer to use words/phrases that I think would be more generally used for my items, I have some animal themed hearts, so would use general tags for these, but add in things like ‘Valentine’ ‘Gift’ ‘Present’ so that they might get picked up in searches for Valentine’s presents.

I have to admit I’ve found some lovely things for sale on here purely by accident, and have been surprised at the lack of use of tags and keywords within the descriptions (some descriptions are one or two sentences, using no words that would help the item get found). I’d rather be a bit more certain of my items getting found in a search and use all the available tags and plenty of keywords in the description, even if it takes a bit more time when listing.

(Christine E.) #4

I suppose my thinking is that just about everything on Folksy would make a good gift for somebody’s Mum (except for things specifically made for men)! I get a bit bored racking my brains to get my things seen (not just on here, which isn’t that difficult, but in the wider world). Thanks for your advice, Sara and Susannah :smile:

(Stephanie Guy) #5

In desperation I have searched for ‘gift ideas’ so yes, I guess so :slight_smile:

(Elaine) #6

Haha, yep, me too! I think I may well have searched “gifts for Dads” at some point, so maybe “gifts for Mums” or “mothers” would come up.

(Camilla) #7

I just checked for you Christine and last month 9,900 people in the UK searched for the exact term ‘Gifts for Mum’ on Google, 3,600 people searched for ‘Gift Ideas for Mum’ and 2,400 people searched for ‘Christmas Gifts for Mum’. But there were only 390 searches for ‘Gifts for Mother’.

A lot of people look for inspiration when trying to find a present, and a gift guide can be a good starting point for them. But yes, it’s really hard to know what to put in them sometimes because people have such different tastes and interests, so we try to have as many as we can to offer something for everyone.

(Christine E.) #8

I’m amazed! :grinning: