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Searching a shop for a tag (or vice versa)

Morning folks. Hoping someone can help - I want to search within a shop for a particular tag. Or vice versa - searching on the tag for a particular shop. I’m sure I remember someone saying there was a way of doing this but I’ve searched the forum & can’t find it!

I’m trying to sort out promo for the Folksy Local NW page for the Christmas markets & would like to be able to look for a NW seller & see which items they would like promoting. There are nearly 900 items already on the ‘Folksy Local Markets’ tag, it would be great to search within there for our sellers. Or to be able to find a seller & see which items they’ve tagged.

Really hoping there is a workaround for this as the alternative is going to be seriously tedious!! Cheers in advance!

On the front page is "shop by region " and I think you can narrow that down to counties. Does that help?

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Aww thanks, but sadly no, not really! We have 50 sellers at the market & I know all their details & which regions they are in already. I want to be able to easily see which items each shop has tagged with ‘Folksy Local Markets’

I’m sure someone had a clever workaround but I can’t find the thread on here. It’s possible someone mentioned it in the FB clubhouse, but FB search is useless so I can’t find it there either!

I’m going to make a guess that it was probably Kim @konyskiw or Sasha @SashaGarrett as they seem to be the font of all knowledge on here!! Ladies - any ideas?!

Sorry I don’t know of any work rounds, is contacting them and asking not possible?

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I think the normal suggestion is when someone is trying to find a particular tag, to search their username/shop name along with the tag.

With the multi-word search not working quite as well right now, you might end up with more items that aren’t what you’re looking for, but I just tried it on your shop and found your tagged items at least on the first page (although annoyingly not as the first results). Not a great work around though, still sounds like you’ll have to spend a lot of time searching.

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Wow Sasha, I found something you don’t know the answer to!! :rofl: No worries! Yes I could do that - either way it’s going to be quite tedious, will have a think!

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Ahh OK, I must have imagined it. I’d thought there was a way of searching using speech marks or something, but maybe it wasn’t a Folksy thing. Yeah I’d tried as you suggested - looks like a lot of people haven’t updated their tags anyway. Hey ho - I’ll work something out! Thanks anyway x