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Ebay annoyance

(Eileens Craft Studio) #1

I tend to buy certain items off ebay. Where as most seller’s pack well and either put their ebay id on the back of the packaging or put a little packing note in saying what the item is and their ebay id other’s just pop the item into a bag and hope I can work out which order it is.

Why do people do that? It takes me an age sometmes to work out who’s sent me what and if they’ve sent me the full order or not.
grrrr packing notes are extremely useful to me or at least your ebay ID

Anyone else have this problem?

(Julie Maginn) #2

Oh yes!!! I tend to order several things in one hit usually from different people and then as you say you have to work out who has sent what and print off an invoice. Funnily enough the worse offenders I find seem the bigger sellers!!! And while I am all for recycled packaging I received something the other day packed in a frozen chocolate eclairs box WITH chocolate still inside and all over the stuff I ordered!! Luckily it was in plastic bags but still got everywhere before I noticed!!! One of the many reasons I hate ebay…but it is usefull unfortunately. :grimacing:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #3

Oh gosh a dirty box for packaging :O. Where as I don’t mind recycled packaging but I at least expect it to be clean ie never been in contact with food. That’s why I love cereal boxes as recycling packaging as the cereal box is just a outer packet for the cereals.

Or if as I’ve had someone has used those little plastic boxes you get in some take aways at least it had been properly washed before putting my order into.

(Pauline Hayward) #4

If I ever use a recycled box etc like you @EileensCraftStudio I always make sure it’s not been in contact with food. I only ever save boxes that have household things in, like new lights or something like that. I do have a lot of padded envelopes which I recycle too. I actually bought quite a few new boxes and nearly always need to use them as some of my items are quite small.

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