Whats happened to photos

A lot of my items in my shop are showing the last picture shown for example instead of showing earrings i happen to have a shop full of boxes any one else got the same problem

Yes, exactly the same problem here.

I have the same problem.

I have tagged folksy in the thread about turning off old photo’s hopefully it will be sorted

I’m having similar problems. @aaronfolksy Help!
I’ve sent an email to Folksy

I am having the same problem

Yikes , none of my 'main ’ photos are 'main 'photos any more ??!! :frowning:
Hope this is a temporary transition glitch @aaronfolksy ??!!

and me … I notice if you go into edit and then press update all is ok but I don’t want to have to do this to all my listings.

EEEEK is all i can say. What a mess. I hope the you sent to the Urgent address Kim ?

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Yes I did @JOYSofGLASS We don’t need it to be like this all weekend!

Absolutely not. I always put my worst photo at the end and if i have other colour or design options I put them as last picture and say so in the text. I have multiple pictures all over my shop …and it looks Dreadful…on the other hand as my last F sale was 1st of the month I don’t suppose it will make a lot of difference…

Oddly the ‘curated’ front page features don’t seem to be affected. I have a clover horseshoe in the St Patricks day and it shows the first picture in the theme thumbnail but if I click it it shows the last picture (which is a combined photo with another one so looks really odd)
Absolutely can’t work out the logic of what they have done.

Not sure what’s going on with them, but it’s happened to some of mine. However, it’s not always the last photo on mine

I have tagged @aaronfolksy on the other tread about photos

I just quickly edited all mine with the wrong photos showing. I just flicked the photos around a bit and now they are all fine. If you have lots of listings that might be a bit of a nightmare though x

I have 600+ listings. Doug will have to return from his night out…
Spotted one poor shop that has nothing but box photos all over their page instead of lovely jewellery…
I tagged Folksy in a promotional FB post today. Have just had to add a note to warm anyone visiting that it is a total mess.

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I doubt he checks tags evening or weekend. It is the urgent emails which are needed here.

Will send an email as well i only noticed mine because some of mine are pictures of boxes hopefully it can get sorted

I only had a few items but a bit of a nightmare for you though xx

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My pics are all jumbled up too but I have lots of items it’s going to take some time to change them all back. :confused:

I really wouldn’t do anything. Whatever is wrong will have to be fixed by support. Most sellers will have not visited their shops so will have no idea about this.