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Expired item being viewed

Hey all, over the past week, a bracelet that I listed in 2010 has been viewed twice on my stats, but it hasn’t been available for years? Any ideas please?

It happens to me quite a bit too although mainly on the other side. I think it is probably being picked up on a google search or maybe someone pinned it on pinterest or similar and the link is still there.

Someone may of found it in a google search, on Pinterest or it may have been featured in someones blog :slight_smile:

I’m slow at typing, Roz got there first x

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Ahhh fab!! Thank you both so much!! I just couldn’t work out why, I don’t make bits like that anymore, so bloody frustrating, why can’t people view stuff that’s new :smiley:

Oooh I bet it is Pinterest! That’s why my custom orders keep getting loads of views when they are usually pretty unique and can’t be repeated.

That is also frustrating, but at least more people are seeing the stuff where I’ve not been limited by my budget and been able to go the whole hog!

Love Sam x

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