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Expiring items and reminder mail

(Sarah Cryer) #1

Hi @Folksyadmin. An expiry reminder came to me at 2:45am (so presumably from your overnight batch) to warn me of items expiring today (June 3rd). When I went to renew they had already expired, so presumably you expire them at the beginning of the expiry date? If that is the case, is there any chance that you could move the mail to 24hours earlier so the items haven’t already expired? I tend to have some items hidden because I have sold them elsewhere, but don’t want to mark out of stock in case I can put together another one. If they then expire I can’t tell which were hidden at the point of expiry, so I have to do a stock check - not the end of the world but tricky if I’m out and about, and tedious! Plus I’m sure we used to get the email before they expired?

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(Camilla) #2

Hi Sarah. The reminder email should come through at least 24 hours before the item expires to give you chance to renew the item. It sounds like there might be a glitch. Could you forward the email to and let us know when the item expired so we can look into it?

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(Sarah Cryer) #3

Hi @folksycontent apologies for not sending the mail through - all of the ones I’ve had since have been correct, but will keep an eye out!