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So I found two really great designers on Folksy , and visited their fb page and really wanted to like them.But,no like button so you have to click on their profile pic that will then give you that option,so how many people know that and how many likes are we losing? I had to search fb help to find out how to like.

Hmmm. I’m not sure what you mean. I only ever use the Facebook app on my phone and the Facebook business page app too (on iOS if that helps) But if I see something I want to like/follow I just go on their page and there’s a thumb at the top and I click that. But sometimes I don’t even have to do that and the option even on a status is the thumb that just lets me follow the page. Not tried doing it on a desktop version recently though. In the past I have and it just had the thumb again to follow the page- then when I click it it gives a tick to say I’m following. Though I know Facebook changes the desktop version fairly frequently now.

The like button is still there for me - the difference now is that it only allows you to like from your personal profile - if you want to like as your page then you have to click on the 3 dots to the right of the like and message buttons and there is an option there to like as your page.


Thanks for your comments,nope the button is not there on my desktop but I have one way of liking so that will do for now,my mobile still runs on steam so I shall get one of the youngsters to check on theirs.

As I said to curious seagull, nothing on my desktop,having said my mobile still runs on steam,perhaps I should get a computer that doesn’t.

Anyway,nice shop.

lLike your shop.

thanks roz - this has really helped me - i have been really confused and thought it was me. cheers :slight_smile:

I’ve just searched a few pages on fb and I still have a like button, perhaps it’s just a glitch :slight_smile:

This maybe so,a glitch,but what is important is that most people seem to still have the button and I still have a way of liking.
The Cornish Coaster shop,I like it,my friend would have too,he hailed from Cornwall and swore it was an independent country.

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OMG-I’ve messaged FB twice regarding this. It is going to be the last straw if they don’t fix it. While I was away on a weekend break I came back to discover I could no longer access my page as the owner only a visitor. All my views are getting recorded as visitor views and I can’t message anyone. It looks like my page is dead. I haven’t been hijacked as I checked and I am still the only admin for the page but I just can’t use it. If they don’t fix this then I’m leaving!

What really gets me is that they have made these changes to our FB pages and not warned us that they are doing it or even what they are doing.


Love Sam x

It is technically an independent country!

At the time of the Norman Conquest, Cornwall was an independent kingdom with it’s own ruler. It had treaty arrangements with England regarding it’s copper, tin and lead and there was much too-ing and fro-ing across the border but it was officially independent and no king of England had claimed the country as his.

When England fell to William, his army just marched into Cornwall and annexed it. The inhabitants did not put up much of a struggle, but it was not done legally. He instated one of his best friends as “Duke of Cornwall” (the kingdom was not a duchy) and allowed him to treat it as his personal fiefdom. This behaviour is analogous to Vladimir Putin in the Ukraine.

Because the Pope at the time was on William’s side, there was no international outcry and this fudge remained until Victorian times when some Cornishmen began to question it. Parliament settled it with…another fudge. They decided (against all documentary evidence) that Cornwall must be held ultimately from the English crown but that it was technically a separate Duchy and therefore that English law should apply within Cornwall but the Duke could take the full income from the lands and property etc.

Nowadays the situation has become even more unconstitutional. Because the Prince of Wales has Cornwall as a Duchy, he can use this income to buy lands in England, which then technically become part of Cornwall. This allows him legal exemptions from some local government rules, for example, planning law.

This situation seems to me both undemocratic and unconstitutional, but there is little political will to change it.

Love Sam x

I have always wanted to visit Cornwall. It always looks so beautiful in pics etc. I find Facebook really hard to figure out, well the business page anyhow. Just worked out how to add a shop button to my page. and apart from paying for the adverts I don’t think very many will ever find my page to like it :slight_smile:

About what I thought Cherie, you need 25 likes to get a fb url so how do you get 25 without a url?
As regards Cornwall my son is always wanting me to go there but it isn’t going to happen as my old cat waits at the doorstep for me and I would think about him waiting for me not to show the whole time. I would love to see it though.
I have been to the highlands a lot though, how about you?
But right now I shall nip over to fb and see if I can like you.

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I Told Cherie,Fancy Edge,that I would go and like her,it said I had but nothing shows on my page to say I have.I have to scram,E-Bay sent a four quid item signed for and I missed it so have to pick it up.
I could sit here and chat all day but I suppose neither of us would get anything done.

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That’s fb for ya. :slightly_smiling_face: @atalantaninetofive We’re heading to Bournemouth in Aug for a wedding but time is short then do planning possibly, hopefully, finally next year.:grinning: I liked your page just now but the counter didn’t change either ?

I’ve not been to the Highlands yet but I love Edinburgh. I’ve been to Cornwall quite a lot as I am a Westcountry girl and it’s just up the coast :wink:

Sam x

Thanks for that Cherie,I tried yours but nothing shows on mine to say I liked you,as they say time is money (or could be) and none of us need to waste it on something that doesn’t work.
I really appreciate you trying though.

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Samantha,you must make a point of going,the Highlands are breath taking but just remember the scale of things,a 100 foot drop can look like an inch and if you climb on rocks it is so easy not to realise how high up you are.
I need a thank you thread,so many have been so kind and helpfull during the short time I have been on Folksy,not least of all yourself,is there one going?
Anyway,thanks for all you have done to help and encourage me.

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Thanks,I know skill when I see it and those prints you do are highly skilled.