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Facebook suddenly culling posts with Folksy shop links

Thought I would tag @Folksyadmin to let them know that large numbers of us are having our posts removed from Facebook that have Folksy shop links on them. Some Instagram accounts are being affected too, with some Folksy members having their accounts shut down. Not sure if it is a Facebook blip, or something more serious. Big discussion going on at the moment on Folksy shop group FB page.


I had a message on my instagram saying something like the link I’m using isn’t allowed, the only link I have is to my folksy shop. Very concerned as I only just joined Folksy a couple of weeks ago! :scream_cat: ~

My shop is only a couple of weeks old as well, and I have been sharing my items with my business FB page. 7 of these links were removed tonight by FB say they against community standards for spam. Havent seen a problem on my new instagram…yet. Hope Folksy can sort this out. @Folksyadmin

UPDATE…my posts which were deleted appear to be back. …Very confused!!!

I’m alright again now :slight_smile:

Mine are back too. How very weird.

This isn’t sorted, it’s started doing it again!
Edited: Two minutes later… and the post is back.
Oh well, Facebook can do what it likes. I think we’ve all got better things to worry about at the moment.

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Update. This is all over social media now. Apparently, a new filter aimed at weeding out fake news about Corona Virus has gone haywire and posts of all kinds are being randomly pulled. I have had a comment concerning my local Corona Virus volunteer support group culled which contained a useful link to a BBC News article.
I am pretty cross that Facebook have allowed inflammatory hate speech by bigots to go unchecked for years and now they are doing this.


One that has not been removed and tempted to report is on a design group, I think it is ridiculous and very bad at this time. Stopping me reporting them is do they know who made the report.

Why has this not been removed yet our harmless promotions have

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it is a facebook error…I cannot put the link on here but have shared it on the folksy facebook shop page…


Yesterday I shared lots of Folksy Friday posts with no problem at all.

This morning I tried to share one and Fb would not allow the share. Tried three times without success, then I removed the Folksy link I had put in and the share was allowed.


Yes my posts yesterday were fine but I couldn’t add the link in the comment…which is the way I always do it as it reduces reach badly to put it in the post itself… I thought FB had spotted my work around their restrictions but no… a bug…


Thanks Chris @TheChrisArtist I had a number of my posts blocked and I do have a business fb page. It was really worrying as I could not think what I would have done that was wrong.

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Please report it if you can.

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same thing happened to me yesterday on Instagram , just for liking posts!!

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Hi everyone. If you haven’t seen this already it looks like it was a Facebook bug that affected lots of sites.


Appalling… please report it! Let’s stamp out fake news and scaremongering where ever we find it. I probably wouldn’t even have copied it all in here, just in case Google can find it and repeats it to people (I don’t know whether that’s possible, but just in case.)


Ive just started and I had the same

It’s not an issue with Folksy and it’s affecting lots of websites, so sadly there’s not much we can do except to advise you to keep trying – Facebook does still allow links, so don’t give up!