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Feedback by latest

I don’t know whether it is possible but it would be good if feedback was arranged to show the latest given first. I’ve just sent a message to a buyer in Switzerland because I was concerned that her parcel hadn’t arrived yet and she said that she had already left me feedback. When I looked, it was further down the feedback list because the list is ordered by date of purchase and it takes longer for parcels to be sent abroad. On looking at the list, I then realised that I had missed several others - sometimes buyers forget to leave feedback until sometime later and then it gets lost in the list. I always say thank you to my customers for leaving feedback and I was bothered that I hadn’t because I hadn’t seen them. I wonder if this is something that could be done?

I’ve done exactly the same thing Martine and agree with you. I think it would be good if feedback was arranged in the order in which it was left rather than the date of the sale.

I wonder if an alternative would be for us to receive notifications when new feedback is left? As a shopper I like being able to see reviews in order of the order date - if there is a clump of poor reviews surrounded by good ones then it suggests to me that the shop had a temporary issue, if the poor reviews are spread through out then it suggests that the issue is systematic. If the reviews aren’t in order date that sort of analysis becomes harder to do.


That’s a good idea Sasha - it would be good to receive an email when someone leaves feedback. That would solve the problem.