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Folow up emails

As most buyers don’t leave feedback, l wondered if anyone sends a follow up email to them to check everything was okay with there order, and that it was received okay?

I don’t like to ‘bother’ my customers I don’t want to feel they are going to be spammed by me.

If you buyer was ‘Guest buyer’ ie they don’t have a folky account they’ll be unable to leave you feedback only registered users are able to leave feedback.

I know no news is good news. If the your customer’s item doesn’t arrive they’ll let you know, if anything is wrong with their order they’ll let you know.

Try not to worry I know it can be hard wondering if your item has arrived safe and sound.


As a buyer, I hate receiving that kind of email! If it didn’t arrive OK, rest assured that they would let you know all about it!


I never send a followup. However, if I get an email to tell me it has arrived and that they are happy I reply to say thank you for letting me know and I’m glad you are happy.

I’m pretty sure that I would hear quite promptly if something didn’t arrive and if they hate it but weren’t going to mention it, I think I don’t want to know :slight_smile: !


I agree with everyone else. I never send an email & assume if somethings wrong they will tell me.
As a buyer- if I got an email like that, to be honest, I’d probably ignore it.
I don’t expect reviews either as I rarely ever leave them myself. No news is good news.

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Thanks everyone was interesting to hear peoples thoughts, l have not sent any emails, just wanted peoples thoughts on the subject

Totally agree with the above. Also, your customer could think, “Ooh, they don’t know it’s arrived. I’ll pretend it hasn’t and get my money back…” Less likely to happen here than eBay, but better safe than sorry!

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Because I send my items tracked, I email my customers when I’ve posted their item. I add a short thank you, with the tracking number and tell them to let me know if they have any problems. I keep it short and sweet, I don’t check up on the item after- I assume that I’ll be told if something isn’t right. :slight_smile:


I also agree with everyone on this thread - no news is definitely good news!

I do the same as you. It’s easier and safer I find to send everything signed for.
I have in the past had people tell me they haven’t had their items so I have refunded them it happened far to often and with the same people so it couldn’t be real.
I’m glad since I joined folksy I have had no problems especially as I do send everything signed for.

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Must admit I prefer not to receive anything signed for. It means if I’m not in there’s a good chance it will go back to the sorting office and I then have to faff around getting it redelivered. I only use signed for when I want the additional insurance cover over £20.


Yeah- I know it can be a bit of a ffaff but I do note down that people can let me know if it’s really in convenient, and re arranging delivery isn’t that complicated. Personally I’ve never cancelled an order or gone elsewhere because of the signed for option though, so I think if someone wants something enough they’ll go for it anyway. It’s just my personal preference, I know it might make me lose out on a sale or two but it makes me feel more secure as a seller that the items are going where they should. :slight_smile:

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That’s exactly it. It does make you feel more secure.
I know I most probably miss out on sales too because of it but I just can’t bring myself to send thing normal post. Especially after all my bad experience’s sending normal post.

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I may be very fortunate and I am sitting with my laptop on a wooden table but…I’ve only ever had one thing go astray and I’m pretty certain it was not actually lost but a confused customer. When I made another and sent it to her as a replacement I sent it signed for, whiich she insisted on paying for.
Funny thing is,… it never did get signed for.and I had to phone her so see if she had received it which she had… (I did get my postage back from Royal Mail as I queried the lack of signature / tracking completion.)

it may be that my packages are a bit less likely to get lost as I have to send small package to allow for the bubble wrap required to keep my glass cosy… My packages do not go through the letter box.

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