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I was intrigued by a case in the news, whereby a hotel charged a couple £100 after their stay as the customers gave poor feedback on TripAdvisor on their stay.

The hotel, apparently had this in the small print in their terms and conditions.
Anyone who tries this on, to avoid poor feedback on whichever website, may well find that the term is unlawful and considered an unfair contract term.
Trading Standards are investigating !

Not suggesting anyone on Folksy would try this trick to avoid poor feedback.
If someone gives totally unfair and unjustified feedback on your product or service ie tells lies, then you may well have a case of redress. You can be done for libel/slanderous statements on the internet, as easily as on paper or in the media.

I gave poor feedback recently, (I hardly ever do this), on a well known website, to a bookseller who completely misled me, the customer.

The description of the book described ‘Like New’, was badly brown-stained on every page. I obtained a partial-refund only through my personal negotiation, even though the bookseller was coming up with all sorts of excuses, even lies.

I would have had more respect if they would have just said ‘Sorry, we got it wrong’ and didn’t try to wriggle their way out. He is pressuring me to remove my feedback.

I wanted to make a minor edit to it, but the website only allows removal of the feedback or keep it on, no editing. So it will stay on, at least for a while.
Anyone got poor feedback which was either justified, or unjustified on other websites ?

Oh yes - on that well known auction site. Had someone buy some second hand boots from me and was concerned about the condition. After sending numerous photographs from every angle showing every mark on them she bought the boots only to leave feedback saying she was disappointed that the boots were marked!

On a slightly different note I was given some lovely feedback over on the dark side but for some reason only given 4 stars - I’m still wondering what deserved the dropping of one star! - Maybe I’m just too sensitive but it makes me feel I could have done better but don’t know how.

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I had the same thing on the dark side just the other day Roz, I have convinced myself it was a mis-click (is that a word?) as the feed back was all good :smile:

Hopefully any potential buyer looking at that kind of feedback would take nothing negative from it. If nothing has been said to indicate why 4 and not 5 stars have been given I wouldn’t be put off buying.

I’ve had this on the Darkside too Roz @Rozcraftz
Lovely feedback but only 4 stars. I think that maybe you are right about the mis-click (it is a word now :wink: )
or maybe they never give 5 stars just like some teachers would never give 100% marks in an exam.

Shirley x

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I think you’ll find that often American do not believe in giving 5 stars or whatever is the very top mark as they believe nothing and no one is perfect and there is always room for improvement.

Something I don’t hold to but having worked for a couple of USA companies and my DH working for a very large American company we are used to this ‘mind set’.

Oh yes and the case mentioned by Ronald would be classed as feedback extortation or even fraud. and or even blackmail.

Yes, I got a 4-star feedback on my very first sale on the dark side. The book covers were ‘gorgeous, beautifully made…but pricey’. My first thought was, why did you buy them if they were too ‘pricey’ for you? Maybe the loss of a star was because I wouldn’t give the discount that was requested? But it didn’t worry me too much, as the comments negated the loss in rating anyway. Since then I’ve had 5 stars from everyone, so the 4-star rating has been averaged out.