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Hi Folks.
I had a lovely email from a customer saying she was absolutely thrilled with My jewellery item she received,but got frustrated as she couldn’t leave me Feedback.
She said it was easy to do on Etsy.
I think the Folksy rule that says you can’t leave feedback unless you’re a member,
is an obstacle to selling, as I read all reviews before buying an item online.
What do others think?

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Yes, you have to be registered with Folksy in order to leave feedback.
I thought it was pretty normal with most places really…but then I tend to register with most of the places I shop with regularly.
It is a shame but it doesn’t bother me too much.

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Would it have something to do with trying to prevent comments sections, etc from being hacked and hijacked? If just anyone can leave a comment, without having to go through a “recognition” process, then the system is open to abuse from spammers. It doesn’t perhaps stop the most determined individuals, but every little helps


Yes I suppose it is a security risk. I never thought of that part.
Thanks eh.

Yes I expect you’re right there.
I’m a newby here & think all good feedback adds to sales
It is frustrating when you are first starting out.
Thanks for your reply…:slight_smile:

I don’t think that guest buyer not being able to leave feedback is an obstacle unlike on Etsy where you can’t even buy unless you’re a member.

never been on Etsy,so haven’t a clue how that works.
Did you mean Can’t .
Yes my sale was more important than feedback really to think of it.
subject dropped.

Yes I did meant can’t, blooming auto correct :joy:

You’re right that guest buyers can’t leave feedback on Folksy, ie if a shopper has bought an item without registering or logging into a Folksy account then unfortunately they can’t leave a review for the shop. It’s just because of how our system works really. If you have feedback from a guest buyer though you could email them to ask if you could include their feedback or review on your About Page or as part of the item description?

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I love the fact customers do not have to sign up to buy.

I don’t like having to sign up to a site to buy in fact the only site I’m signed up to is Ebay but that because I sometimes sell the odd thing on there.

I know I get more guest buyers than signed up buyers and I’m fine with that, as anything that makes it easier for customers to buy is brilliant.

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Okay many Thanks