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Final Value Fees for returned goods

(Duncan & Diane Wainwright) #1

Hi there.

I sold an item last week and the customer wishes to return it with the reason “no longer required” I notice I paid final value fees on this sale. On eBay, I would receive the final value fees back upon return. How does this work on Folksy? When I issue the refund, should I take into account these fees I have been charged or refund the whole purchase price?


Looking forward to receiving some advise

Duncan & Diane
Fabrique Creations

(Helen Smith) #2

I do not think you are entitled to pass any fees on to the buyer under the distance selling regulations. Whether Folksy will refund your fees is a question for support I think, why not e-mail them?

(Duncan & Diane Wainwright) #3

Will do, thanks

(Shirley Woosey) #4

I have had one item returned to me on Folksy because the customer had changed their mind.

If you email Folksy admin with a link to the sales receipt and explain to them what has happened they will mark the item as “not paid” and you will be able to cancel the sale.

That way the fees will be cancelled.

If you have already paid the Folksy invoice with the fees on, they will refund you.

I would suggest that you put a link in your forum profile direct to your shop, that way it is easy for peeps to see what sell. :smiley:

(Duncan & Diane Wainwright) #5

Thank you for the advise guys. I shall contact Folksy after I have received the item back and issued the refund.

Duncan & Diane
Fabrique Creations