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Folksy 365 - Daily Listing Challenge Thread - FEBRUARY 2019

(Max Pring) #441

Good afternoon, yay happy dancing for your sales June and Francis :slight_smile: :dancer:

Sending you hugs Sue @SueTrevor and Caroline @carolinefrodsham, take some of the pressure off yourselves lovelies, but please don’t stop visiting we are always here to cheer, hug and listen even if you aren’t listing :slight_smile: :hugs:

Glad to hear Mr DP is on the mend Sarah @thedotterypotter

Just off to collect granddaughter from school so I may not get back unti tomorrow, have a good evening xx

(PollysWares) #442

AFternoon all

Oh Sue @SueTrevor please think about staying we would miss you and I am sure you need to be somewhere where you can say what is on your mind without any fear of negative comments. I know you must do what you are most comfortable with but please seriously consider staying with us. xxxxxx

That pendant @thatenamelguy looks like and iced biscuit and has made me feel very hungry.

Love your vodka cupboard @konyskiw a vodka for every occasion. I have some Tanqueray gin and some rhubarb and ginger gin if I can come to the party please, I feel the need of some distractions.

Well done Max @MaxPringJewellery keep up the good work.

Today I have a green lampwork bead necklace and a cabled hat set.

(HannahBanksJewellery) #443

Well I’ve not long got back from my Friday walk in this horrendous weather! I walked in the front door and my hubby just started laughing at the state of me!! Anyway I’m all warm again now with a nice hot coffee in my hand and feel so much better for doing it!

Have loved and pinned all your lovely listings, here’s mine for today. Have a lovely evening everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

(Thecardjeanie) #444

Some tulips from me today…

Jeanie x

(Chris Stone) #445

Thank you soooo much Sarah @PhotoFairytales. That has made my day!

(Kim Onyskiw) #446

@TheChrisArtist That’s great news about the card request, and that it’s a straight sale, I’ve only got sale or return from shops so far (although I’m quite happy with that, as long as they’re fairly local).

@junemccabe I had no idea what it was either, until I wondered why my funny tasting vodka made my voice come back one day so I had to google it. Old fashioned herbal remedy + alcohol = great medicine! Sounds like we have similar drinking habits.

@SueTrevor Your items (new or old) will always help brighten up this thread, even if your mood doesn’t match. This place always seems full of ups and downs… we don’t mind which you’re sharing.
Although don’t feel bad if you do want to take a little time off, sometimes a few weeks break from making can help focus your mind again when you’re starting to feel like you don’t enjoy it and have lost all motivation. I sometimes do it when painting is starting to feel like a chore… find something else to focus on, don’t give a thought to painting, and then after a week or two I’ll be missing it and have a list of things I want to paint.

@PollysWares It sounds like this is going to be a good party!

(Roz) #447

Well I headed back into the craft world slowly today. Managed to make up these purses (I had already made the felt and done the designs) although its anyones guess when they will get photographed and listed :slight_smile:

(Verchielbeadsandjewellery) #448

yes well said Sarah - Sue @SueTrevor we want you here with us good or bad. We are all here to support each other. xxx

(Verchielbeadsandjewellery) #449

Evening! 1 sale to report please.
congrats on your second assignment results Max @MaxPringJewellery - thats amazing.
Sorry to hear about your Asti explosion Helen @PocketfulCreations - hope your work is retrieveable.
Thank you for the tree of life love Chris @TheChrisArtist - congrats on the commission work.
Linda @wildrosedesigns your red velour bag is gorgeous.
Sorry to hear about the charity shop break in Sue @BeadstormJewellery - how sad.
good luck with the house moving Roz @OrchardFelts. Great news that you are doing your successful craft fair again this year.
Beautiful work from everyone as always.
all caught up to here.

(Sarah Thexton) #450

Just listening to the radio talking about Albert Finney dying - so sad - when I worked at the Theatre Royal in Bath he spent a week there and was a charming, lovely man. One of the last of the British brat pack really…

Oh, and @AliDufty - it’s arrived! I absolutely love it, beautiful, and fabulous packaging (including the sweeties!). Can’t wait to give it to Amy, I’ll try and take a pick of her with it to share…

Right caught up again to here - I won’t be around over the weekend, so have a great one everybody. :slight_smile: x

(Sue) #451

You’re all such a lovely bunch of people, looks like I’m staying then :heart: I’ll do my best to stay positive. My work is usually what keeps me going through the dark times, I did manage a walk in the woods today between showers, but nothing else.

(Catherine Spencer) #452


Here’s today’s listing. Happy weekend everyone x

(Roz) #453

Sue @SueTrevor - thats more than I achieved all week last week! I think I have sat on the sofa vegetating for days on end waiting for things to happen re my new job and house move but its slowly coming right. Just go with it and dont feel guilty about not getting any sewing done. I felt so bad about all the time I was wasting and tried on a couple of occasions to do some felting but my heart wasn’t in it and nothing went as planned. You’re better off just waiting for the inspiration to return…and it will eventually :slight_smile:

( Valerie Dockerty) #454

Evening everyone
Sending you hugs Sue @SueTrevor
Hope the job goes well Roz @OrchardFelts
Congratulations on your assignment Max @MaxPringJewellery
Been tiding my craft room today i moved into the bigger bedroom a couple of years ago i just seem to get in a bigger mess

(Helen Healey) #455

Congrats Chris @TheChrisArtist - that sounds like an exciting venture.
Linda @wildrosedesigns your tapestry bag is absolutely gorgeous. If only it wasn’t out of my price range I’d snap it up in a heartbeat.
Sue @BeadstormJewellery what a terrible thing! What kind of lowlife stoops to robbing a charity shop?!!!
Roz @OrchardFelts Good luck for starting the job on Monday. I’m so glad it’s all coming together for you. Those purses are all so beautiful.
Sue @SueTrevor Sending huge hugs to you and I’m so glad you’ve decided to stay on the thread. I have to say, your beautiful and distinctive work always brightens my day and I treasure the pieces I own.

Thank you all for your sympathy regarding the Asti incident. I still haven’t gone through all of the WIP yet but I have managed to salvage one or two bits so far. I also salvaged a glassful of Asti from the bottle… and it hadn’t gone flat!

All loved and pinned. Here’s my new listing.

(Linda Wild) #456

Evening all, everything loved and pinned to here. Thanks for the bag love @PocketfulCreations, @Verchielbeadsandjewellery and @junemccabe. Sending hugs Sue @SueTrevor.

Just a re-list today

(Cat Thomas) #457

@SueTrevor Sue it’s not a good time of the year. Lack of sunlight, horrible weather and a host of other things can bring you down. Don’t push yourself if you’re not motivated because a break from crafting opens yourself up to different experiences.
Spring’s round the corner and your items are perfect Mothers Day presents.

All pinned and loved to here.

(Susan Bonnar) #458

Sorry - I am a terrible loiterer - I know it’s only small but I will pop you on BC FB on Monday and do some tweeting for you. Chin up - soon be Spring xx

(Sarah Bell) #459

Evening all x

Aww @SueTrevor please vent here went you need too xx

A new pendant today:

The one I was going to share sold before I could show you :joy:

Liked and pinned to here, and a few to the Folksy hq Mother’s Day board x

(Sue) #460

Wow Susan, thank you so much :heart: that is so kind. Loiterers like you more than welcome :grin: