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Folksy 365 - Daily Listing Challenge Thread - JANUARY 2018

(Sasha Garrett) #462

I’m liking motorite (although I do wonder how many times spellcheck will try and correct it to meteorite), I bought it from someone on eBay and when I asked he was very honest about where it had come from he just hadn’t put the info in the listing, I guess I should have asked before I bought it but I’m going to push him to amend his other listings and make a comment about it in the feedback.

(Sarah Bell) #463

Morning all.

This was supposed to be lastnight’s but time got away from me!

Yay that the dissertation has been handed in @carolinefrodsham well done both of you!

Hope you have defosted @JacquelineOJewellery

Did the seller describe it as fordite @SashaGarrett can you tell the difference?

Lovely necklace @karenscraftybitz I’ve got so much cleaning today to catch up on. I’ve taken the littlest back to bed for a bit though as we were both up in the night. Booo.

Liked and pinned to here, finally, Pinterest keeps crashing on me.

(Sasha Garrett) #464

He did describe it as fordite and it certainly looks like fordite, the kicker is that he got it from the factory where he works so he knew that it hadn’t come from a car plant. I think it was just naivety on his part about what exactly fordite is, I think he just knew it as layers of paint and didn’t realise the bit about it needing to come from a car plant. He’s been very honest about it when I asked and I doubt he would have done that if he truly meant to deceive.
Here’s a picture of proper fordite on the left and the not quite proper fordite and the pendant cut from it on the right
I only started to think that something wasn’t quite right with it when I was cutting it (smells wrong, is much more pliable and as a result is an absolute b*tch to handle) and the results I’ve got from cutting it look just like real fordite (it has some lovely colours/ sparkles and the patterns are going to be interesting).

(jessicagoulty) #465

Morning all, thanks to all those that gave advice, I think I’ll look at running the classes from September onwards.

@SashaGarrett that is such a pain when suppliers don’t put all the info down. Motorite, Autoite, Carite something like that would work with a description I reckon.

New listing today! Woo!

(Louise) #466

Your posts about fordite have been really interesting, I never really knew much about it before now. It’s amazing how beautiful these pieces are

(Valerie Farrell) #467

Good morning. I have just googled fordite. So interesting . I didn’t know what it was
Spotty purses in my sale today

Valerie x

(Stephanie Short) #468

Morning all!
Hope everyone is well,
Here’s mine today

Steph X

(Ali Dufty) #469

Here’s mine today . A lovely soft Merino wool blend blanket for home , car , picnic …

(Barbara Byrom) #470

Weather is quite mild here in Kent today and the sun is actually shining, but wet cold weather due to return, so here is something very appropriate.

(Mel) #471

Awfully grey here but just about managed some photos.

(Thatenamelguy) #472

The day is running away with me. On the plus side, I got my hair cut, finalised some church accounts needed by the end of this month and checked out Air BnB as a possible source of accommodation when we go to the States in June. But now it’s nearly time for the school run and then the grandchildren will be here until seven. So a quick relist while I can. I may be back.

(Sasha Garrett) #473

Airbnb is great, I’ve stayed with people in South Korea (3 different cities) and France, OH has stayed with people in New York as well. I’m currently booking accommodation in Ireland on there. Only down side we’ve found is that because they are in residential areas most tourist maps don’t cover that bit so make sure you know where you are going (google map print out) or you’ll never find it!

(Sasha Garrett) #474

I had a thought - do you think I could call it synthetic fordite? Synthetic gemstones are chemically the same as their natural counterpart just formed in a different way, this material is still layers of car paint like fordite it just formed in a different way. Part of me is loathed to start using a new name for it as no one will be searching for it and people are searching for fordite so I do get sales for pieces without promotion. I’d still explain its heritage to make they understood that it was from a modern car paint factory not a car plant.

(Natalie Ofkants) #475

That’s might be a possible solution Sasha. Is there any concern using the word Fordite in the description though, (even in tandem with synthetic) in trade name circumstances?

Natalie x

(Sharon Thompson) #476

Bit late today - now pm. But better late than never. Hope everyone’s had a good day & brains & bodies aren’t straining too much with New Year ‘back to work’ syndrome!

Book clock today. ‘Twelve Years in a Monastery’ which rather took my fancy as a quirky title. New Year’s resolution anybody?!

(Cariad Crafts) #477


After a very foggy start it has been a beautiful sunny day

Yoga this morning, the dentist 2.30, sat until 2.45 and the nurse said he was running at least 3/4 hr late. So rebooked for Tuesday. First time I’ve done that, at least I’ll be first patient in on Tuesday

Max @paperchainsandbeads, please add one more to my tally, thanks to Sally @LifeCovers

I have found it very interesting too reading about the fordite @SashaGarrett

Here is my new one


(Thecardjeanie) #478

Hi all,

Just popping in with a quick question. I’ve just got home and see that a customer has been trying to buy one of my cards but is having a problem paying with PayPal. I’ve checked my settings and nothing has changed there. I have contacted Folksy Support but in the meantime wondered if anybody else has had this problem.

Sales are few and far between so I really dont want to loose one.

Jeanie x

(Sasha Garrett) #479

Not sure I know what you mean by trade name circumstances Natalie. Someone tried to trademark the name fordite but failed as it was already in common usage among lapidarists and jewellers so no issue there. Other paint build up materials have other names eg boatite, although I have seen fordite used in the description of many of these (along the lines of ‘boatite, like fordite but from boats, this material came from the hydrostream factory…’) and that is being done so that they are found in internet searches. The fake fordites that I have seen before are made from epoxy resin that has never had anything to do with a paint shop (I think its made by the same method as imitation malachite/ multicoloured malachite), this is actual car paint so I want to differentiate from the fakes but I want to make clear that it isn’t fordite from a car plant. Argh!

(Natalie Ofkants) #480

That’s fine then, I did not know if it had a tradename or not! Lol!

Natalie x

(Jacqueline Ostrowka) #481

Lol Sarah @SarahDesignsUK cheers they did thaw but been back in today so thawing them again :smiley: