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Folksy 365 - Daily Listing Challenge Thread - JANUARY 2018

(BellasSewingRoom) #442

All done to here :heart:️X

(Sue) #443

Caroline, @carolinefrodsham even more good advice, a very good idea to get them to sketch ideas 1st. I may start a sketchbook of cuttings and ideas, purely for teaching. Because when I get an idea I just get stuck right in, I never sketch more than a scribble 1st, but of course it takes time away from sewing, and I can just imagine, even if I insist they have working machines with free machine embroidery feet on them, they won’t all have! Yes, I’m sure with all my inspiration they will each come up with something different and I may even learn something from them!

(Sue Mellem) #444

Caught up with loving and pinning, then will re-list and run…

Had a good day taking my stall to a local business, once I had got past finding the security desk, loading bay etc etc. The staff were very helpful and welcoming and I’m looking forward to going back in April.

9.30 pm and I’m nearly ready to head off to bed,

(Karen Ellam) #445


Where did that day go?
I had so many plans for a creative afternoon/evening but it didn’t happen.
I got stuck into some housework chores after work, and one task led to another…
On the upside I’ve got a nice shiny clean house :laughing:

So just a relist from me today. This necklace has been with me for a while now. Would be lovely to see it find a new home

( Carol ) #446

Anybody want to come and join in the craftjuice thread?

(Beadseedz) #447

Two Folksy sales for me tonight Maxine :blush:

(Maxine Veronica) #448

Good morning, yay happy dance for your visit from the sales fairy :fairy: Jane :slight_smile:

(Adien Crafts) #449

Morning All from a very wet Bristol this morning.
Another Sale item today, I have some new items to add but my photo’s are rubbish and I need to re do them all, roll on Springtime and sunshine!

mashan jade

(Adien Crafts) #450

Sue @SueTrevor you could maybe include a 5 minute chat in your course about copyright and the importance of being original and add the copyright symbol on any info/photo’s you may give out? I would love to come if I lived closer, it sounds fab!

(BellasSewingRoom) #451

Here’s today’s listing, a book/market bag in a fab birds and flowers fabric

(Jeanie Hansford) #452

Please add another sale fro me Maz…Cheers!

(Roz) #453

Good morning. I have a host of jobs lined up for today, wonder how many will get done :slight_smile:

Another pom pom from me today

(Louise) #454

Morning everyone, so good to be back in the thread. I love looking at everyone’s makes.

Another notebook today, this one for recipes there will be some with more craft involved than digital art soon.

(Jacqueline Ostrowka) #455

Morning, wet start to the day here, just hope its going to be a bit warmer than yesterday, my feet were like ice blocks after 3 hours in the workshop, and that was with heating on lol.

( Valerie Dockerty) #456

Good morning everyone a new listing from yesterday

(Natalie Ofkants) #457

My item for today an ice white striped agate gemstone heart keyring or handbag charm.

Natalie x

(Sasha Garrett) #458

Morning All, I had a new pendant to list but I’ve hit a slight snag. Fordite has to come from the production line at a car plant to be fordite (well is supposed to have, there are fakes on the market) but I’ve just discovered that one of the lumps I’ve been working with has come from a booth at a paint factory where they make the paint that is used on modern cars so its still layers of car paint but its been made via a different process so I’m not sure if I should call it fordite or not. I’m also not sure what else to call it, I might put fordite in the title and then explain its heritage in the description, I haven’t decided yet. But since my pilates class has been cancelled I might crack on and finish off one of the bits that definately is fordite whilst I mull over what to call the not quite fordite.

(Jeanie Hansford) #459

Just listed a new pair of embroidered acrylic coasters

(Natalie Ofkants) #460

Motorite. Maybe a name choice of your own making?

Have you contacted the company you bought this supply from to complain?

Natalie x

(Brenda Cumming) #461

good morning all…today I have another of my crocheted baby cardigans.
Made to my own pattern and design