Folksy 365 - Daily Listing Challenge Thread - JULY 2020

Good morning everyone, early for me on here :laughing: and listed this set only completed yesterday. I’m loving this, there are so many wonderful items from you all, shopping for gifts has become so much eaiser now :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Meant to say I’m either tweeting or pinning today :grinning: Also can anyone tell me how to do the clickable photo thing? Seems a lot easier than adding links :+1:


Sorry can only manage a relist today I’m afraid !!! some retro style gift tags …


Thanks @TheChrisArtist :smiley:

I love your row boats, I was bought up on the isle of wight and love anything coastal

We’re hoping to visit Megavissey in September, the virus has been tough on places relying on tourism hasn’t it ……

Looking forward to seeing some more of your work :grinning:


Good morning everyone. Back from the morning school run and done the housework. I’m currently covering my usual school on Monday, Tuesday and Friday, and another school Wednesday and Thursday. The schools have been a nightmare with who’s attending and different times.

Sue @SueTrevor when mum broke (well, she totally smashed) her ankle years back and was in plaster she used a knitting needle. Even though she was plastered up to the knee and couldn’t reach her ankle, it used to make me cringe in case she caught her stitches. I’m cringing just typing this :scream:

Today i have a baby blanket which is in my sale section


Sarah did some easy to follow instructions a couple of weeks ago How to create a large clickable photo in your forum posts


Chris @TheChrisArtist my bill is still showing as in June…very weird…
Love the boats…bet the three men in a boat have gone to the pub…lol…
Time to paint…back later x


Hi @XStitcherJoss that’s really kind :heart_eyes:.

I love your funky fish bags!! The fabric is great and me and my wonky brain would have that as a shopping bag ……… I love things that are a bit different.

Take care


I’m amazed I’ve managed to list several days in a row so am delighted to be in this thread.


Hi @Caroleecrafts Caroline! Where do I find the July Pinterest board please?

Cheers, Amanda


I have my own set up Amanda under my profile. I think we all do that set up a July Challenge Board.


Morning all hope you are all well.

Today I have a jumper for a baby/toddler


It’s so difficult for us all in these strange times ……… I’m missing my family and I know i’m not alone in this :frowning_face:

Here’s my post for the day, a family group ……….it’ll be ok folks, stay strong and look after each other xx


Just before I do my working from home job, I just wanted to pop on here ans say that I’ve just listed a NEW pendant!

William Morris fabric called Autumn Flower on a striking ebony background, makes the flowers and foliage really pop and it’s one of my most popular fabrics that I use too!


And I’ve linked a photo! Thanks @thedotterypotter for putting up the instructions!

Cheers, Amanda


Please could you add 2 more sales for me Max @MaxPringJewellery


I emailed support about the lack of bill and they’ve told me that a gremlin got in the system which Doug is working on fixing and the bills should be issued by the end of today…


Knitting needles it is then. The itching has stopped since I took an antihistamine, must be all in my mind :rofl:
Sasha @SashaGarrett did you have to tell them? We might have got away without paying our bills this month :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Hi there back again with Oswestry Jewels. Well that has taken the whole morning from about 9 ish to go through everyone’s link and view, heart, tweet, pin and like on fb them all. I think I am going to have to rethink how much I do especially since not everyone can even be bothered to heart my listings.

Today I have a pretty lampwork bead necklace and bracelet set


Good morning everyone. Quite a nice morning here in Lowestoft but I think we are in for some more rain this afternoon. Still it means I wont have to get the hosepipe out again, so not all bad.

I have loved and pinned to here and my listing for today is another of our Original Art Print Note Cards, this time of a pair of derelict fishing boats.

Have a great day.



All caught up to here, I forgot how popular this thread is!! Hopefully I can keep up :slight_smile:

Thank you to those welcoming me back, I hadn’t shut down my shop completely but had limited the items to those I could pop in a postbox but now I can use the local depot rather than postoffice to drop off parcels that’s left me feeling more comfortable re-listing my other items.

@OswestryJewels yes, really is a big knitting circle now, just hope there’s still room for me :rofl:

Today we went to a new local cafe which is selling ice cream and coffees from their front door, kiddo loved it, we sat and ate them on a bench a little up the road, a wee bit of normalcy for him in what has been tough times for a 4 year old to process.

Todays listing;