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Folksy email sale notifications - mine have stopped?

Hi, just wondered if anyone else has had this over the last couple of days. It only started yesterday I think, and is still happening today. Cheers, Fiona

To clarify, sales have gone through, I just haven’t received the email messages confirming the sale and payments…ta. :slight_smile:

Mine are always quite slow to come through but do eventually - had one yesterday and one today.

Do get in touch with Folksy support. It happened to me at the beginning of this month, just one order. I contacted support and they sorted it.
But… I had a message a few days ago from someone who had tried to contact me for an order that same day and I never received her original email .
So… if you’re not getting order emails you won;t be getting order enquiries either.

Hi, normally they are fine. The last couple of days though I have only been alerted to sales by Paypal. In that sense it is fine because I still know about it, but the lack of notifications made me wonder about whether or not the customer is getting their emails. I shall monitor and contact support if it carries on. Thanks.

Good point. Will leave it one more day to see if it ‘de-glitches’ itself. Thanks

I have just made my second sale and have only received notification from PayPal this time and last. I didn’t get anything from Folksy and assumed this was the norm (I thought I’d read something on another thread that seemed to confirm this too). So I guess I need to contact Support too…

Normally they are pretty much on top of each other with me but I noticed a massive time lapse recently. They’ve always happened eventually though

Hi, well I have contacted Folksy as this problem persists. It is a genuine issue because it means that if a customer adds a note to their purchase, then I don’t receive it. I have had to circumvent this with messages via Facebook to ensure commission details reached me. I haven’t heard back from the Folksy team though. Is anyone else still having this issue? Sales but not getting proper email notifications? If you are, please could you add your query to the support team - might be a wider glitch than just mine? Cheers. :smile:

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