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Hi everyone!
I would love to get involved with Folksy Friday at some point but I don’t know how to go about putting a board together. Is this something you do through Pinterest?
I have seen many other boards popping up on Instagram and would love to put something together? I have read through several threads, but still can’t find any instructions on copying/pasting images to a board? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Maria :blush:

For ones on instagram you can use something like to create a collage of images. Just have a search through Folksy and save the images you’d like to use (make a note who made it so you can say in your post), and then add the pictures to the collage.

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Hi Maria. I’ve been putting together colour themed boards in Pinterest ( then I use Canva ( to put together a collage for Instagram. I find it easier to see which images will fit together by putting the pinterest board together first.
Then in canva it’s all online, so I just save the images on my laptop somewhere then you just drag & drop them into the upload bit in canva. It’s a really useful tool - I do all my headers, logo, business cards etc in there. I’ve managed to work it out it so it’s fairly straightforward to use!! :rofl:

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Hi Kim, Thanks for that. I will look into it :blush:

Hi Dee, thanks for that. I have heard of canva and will look into it. I currently use Gimp editing software, although I’m not sure if I can put boards together there.
Definitely want to put something together soon :blush:

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