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Folksy Hour led to sale! Fri- yay!

(Teresa Bettelley) #1


I’m feeling very pleased today… During Folksy Hour on Twitter this week I shared a picture of some embroidered badges on the cards I had hand printed using a DIY kit from Fred Aldous Art Store. They shared it as their ‘Twitter mention of the week’ this morning in their e-newsletter and it resulted in the sale of one of the badges and a necklace from my shop! Yay… I could have skipped all the way to the post office :blush::blush::blush:
I hope you are all having a good Friday too
Teresa x

(Kate Adams) #2

Well done Theresa…it just goes to show it is worth participating in the Folksy hour. Just had a look at your shop and the items you have for sale are really lovely :blush: X

(Tina Martin) #3

Yes, well done Teresa! Here’s to many more! :smile:

(Teresa Bettelley) #4

Thank you so much!

(Camilla) #5

I spotted that too Teresa. Well done.
You never know who is watching in Folksy Hour!

(Shaz) #6

Well done Teresa. Onwards and upwards :smile: