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#FolksyHour is at 8pm tonight on Twitter - "Do you Blog - should you blog?"

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Just sharing here too as we’ve asked for your #folksyhour questions over on the Facebook page!

Tonight our ‪#‎FolksyHour‬ twitter chat topic is 'Do you blog? Should you blog?' Please let us know your thoughts on blogging below - whether you are a Folksy seller or not we'd love to hear from you all. Do share links to your blogs too! ###`#`folksyhour starts at 8pm tonight!.

Click to see the FB post :)

Please add questions you have about blogging whether you have never blogged or you have been blogging for ages - what do you want to discuss and get help with?

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I would love to blog and have set up many blog pages but never seem to get past the first post! Just don’t have the time or inspiration for it. Sadly I can’t make folksy hour as I will be travelling home then but will look forward to reading any tips later.

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I write a blog and have done sporadically for years. I find it really hard to use it as a marketing tool though - it is usually more of a diary of what I’ve been up to. I need to find the right voice to get a mix of the two. Any hints gratefully received!

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It looks like I’m going to miss #Folksyhour again this week - sorry! You are having really good discussion topics recently too.

I used to do a blog, but since I had just started up nobody knew about it. Now I would have more to say and more of an audience, but don’t have the time to write one.

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Whoops, missed it! I was on a mission to add to my pet household LOL!
I do blog and I have one on my website.
I must catch up with it!!!

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Yay, I took part and started a blog during the hour. I used to have a blogger one a couple of years ago but that stopped me uploading photos, so I stopped blogging. Now thanks to Folksy hour, I now have a new blog with one post on Wordpress.

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If you missed the #folksyhour chat, you can catch up on conversation here: