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Want to be a #folksyhour host?

We’re looking for guest hosts for our weekly #folksyhour chat on Twitter. Rather than us running the chat every week, we want to hear YOUR voice. This is your chance to get to know other sellers better, talk about things you’re interested in and lead the conversation. We’re looking for different sellers to host the chat each week, and then we’ll host a monthly Guest Expert Special where we gather people from far and wide to answer your questions.

So far, Emma from @elliepress has hosted a brilliant session where she asked for your craft confessions – you can read the summary here

@AlisonSye led a frankly hilarious #folksyhour chat about all sorts of things, including which vegetable you would miss the most and where would you like your own statue. Read the whole chat here

@stoneflower hosted a very busy session on How to Approach Shops and Galleries – experienced shop owners even popped in to share their tips.

So 1) please pop along to Twitter on Tuesdays from 8-9pm and follow the #folksyhour hashtag to join in 2) give us a shout if you’d like to be a #folksyhour host (you get to choose the topic and everything!).

If you don’t know how Folksy Hour works, there’s a handy guide here


Alas won’t be back from burning off the christmas torte in time to join in so I will confess now… It has been known for us (by which I mean my long suffering helper elf) to do story time for any junior visitors who come to my open studios, this involves roping anyone prepared to join in to help out with the voices, often after they have been bribed with wine. Its a surprisingly good sales tactic as the parents can’t leave until storytime is over and it occupies those that aren’t shopping, leaving those that are to shop in peace (ish) but it can degenerate into fits of giggles depending on wine consumption and/or book.


Would love to help out but havent yet got my head around twitter - it takes all my concentration just to try to keep up with #folksyhour and thats only when I remember its on! Don’t think hosting it would be a good idea!

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I’m in, if you’ll have me :)))))

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P.S. since Tuesday is quite close, if you want me could you DM me on twitter or instagram as I’m at work and much more likely to see the message there than here. No worries if someone else has already stepped up. My thoughts for topic are general ‘getting to know each other’ questions ie. Where do you live? Etc…

Sort of like speed dating. Not that I’d know!

YES PLEASE! I’ll DM you, Alison.

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Please put your glad rags on and come tonight, Roz. I’m hosting, and would love to see you there :slight_smile:


I will try Alison @AlisonSye but I have my daughter staying with me at the moment and I’m sure to forget - hope it goes well.

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No worries xx

After tonight’s Folksy Hour Alison told me about this thread. I might regret saying this but I’d be happy to host one week.

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I need to tell you Jane, that Folksy Hour normally has relevant topics and questions, not random comedy questions like mine.

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Ha ha yes I’ve been around for the grown up ones too :wink:.

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Knew I’d miss it! Gutted but was busy eating dinner!

I loved this #folksyhour so much. Definitely worth reading the summary. I haven’t laughed so much in ages. Thank you for being so very brilliant @AlisonSye


OOH yes please Jane. I would LOVE that. How do you feel about diving straight in next week?

Yes fine I can do next Tuesday - and in fact I won’t be around on a Tuesday
again until March so it’s now or never!

What do I do now? gormless face

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Ooh blimey - I never knew that if you reply to a forum post via an email notification it sticks your email signature on too. How embarrassing. I have now edited!

Sounds like it’s destiny, Jane. I’ll send you an email with more details.
Thanks so much for volunteering. Can’t wait! I love these takeovers :slight_smile:

Would love to be a host as I adore #folksyhour but at the moment with my health I can’t guarrantee attendance.

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