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(Paige) #1

It didn’t lead to any sales (yet anyway), but it was an exciting moment anyway. I listed a few new items today and when I logged back onto Folksy…one of my new items was listed on the front page!!

And I was pretty exciting - with a hint of “Get a grip girl, it’s not THAT exciting…it’s just under “new activity” probably.” But when I checked back like 10-15 minutes later that listing was gone…and a whole new listing…not recently added was being featured!!

No sales…but it’s definitely a confidence booster!!

Yay me!


That’s great, congratulations! Your shop looks very beautiful indeed!

I am featured too with a trinket box that I listed yesterday. I worked very hard this year to re-photograph my items and come up with ideas of how to stylize my products. I have been featured before, right after I changed the look of my shop, but nothing lately.I was hoping that Folksy team will notice the new photos of my boxes and they did! A confidence booster for me too.

(Paige) #3

That’s a beautiful box! :slight_smile: Congrats on your feature as well!

(Kam) #4

Well done Paige @HoneycombSigns! I would be pretty excited too :smile:
I love the trinket box @TeodoraPaintings, it’s a really beautiful photograph too :smiley:

(Paige) #5

@TeodoraPaintings I just saw yours on the front page! :slight_smile:

(Joy Salt) #6

So did I and it is very pretty

(Martine Brumwell) #7

Well done. You must be feeling really chuffed! X