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General chit chat thread

(Joy Salt) #41

In the meantime can I suggest that you ‘brush’ all round your gums with Cordysil I have an inplant which wasn’t done right and as a result sometimes get a bit of infection in my gums. My very good dentist put me a ‘cordysil filler’ into my gum to clear it and I now, at the slight hint of a twinge or a pimple on my gum, dip my electric toothbrush in Cordysil and make sure I brush along all my gum edges. It’s been working well now for 2 years.

(Thedotterypotter) #42

Thanks for the tip Joy xx

(Sarah Bell) #43

No, I’d thought about watching it before, but not got round to it. I usually wait a while and watch a series all in one go, which tbh, I don’t think is healthy for me. Hehe. Like the time I watched all 7 seasons of Game of Thrones over a few weeks.
I’d just finished watching all of The Good Doctor, and wanted to get back into something a bit more historical. I listen to a lot of Celtic and folk music, and one of the singers adapted poems and novels into songs, like Outlander, and I was intrigued by this! Needless to say, I’ve started downloading the Outlander books to read now. Hehe!

(Thedotterypotter) #44

I sometimes binge watch box sets whilst I’m working - well I say watch…it’s mostly listen…they need to have distinctive voices or I get a bit confused! I’ve binge watched Downton abbey, Shameless, teen Mom (guilty pleasure!), Game of thrones the first 5 seasons etc but I’m always at a loss when it’s all over!

(Kim Onyskiw) #45

The desk thief is back

She doesn’t head bump drinks but I do have to give her a fresh glass of water or she tries to steal mine, apparently bowls aren’t good enough :roll_eyes:

Glad you got seen to today, hope the painkillers are helping.

@OrchardFelts I hope they apologised for being so late! They’d hate it if you were late, but probably don’t give a second thought to themselves doing it. Well done on getting another interview.

(Thedotterypotter) #46

Aww, she looks so comfy. She looks like my Pixie…i’ll put some pictures of my pets on the thread tomorrow :slight_smile:

(Beadseedz) #47

She’s gorgeous. Is she a tortie? Tortie females always have plenty of attitude, know exactly what they want and usually seem to get it. I have one!

(Rhiannon Rose) #48

We have two tortie girls and they are the sweetest natured of all our cats! Punky (the bigger one) acts as mum to her two sisters, and will snuggle up to any sleeping human…

(Kim Onyskiw) #49

Yes, she turned up in the garden when she was 6/7 weeks old, no idea where from but she was missing the end of her tail (you can see she’s a bit stumpy), so she can be jumpy and very wary of strangers, but still has that little princess attitude to get what she wants.

There seem to be a lot of torties around! I think I’ll have to paint one soon, I’ve not had one in my shop before (always the trickiest to paint).

(Amy Archer) #50

Hi @thedotterypotter I completely understand about the anxiety, I hope you are feeling a bit better today. I suffer from anxiety, and OCD. last year was terrible, visits to the doctor, dentist, optician, no one seemed to believe me that there was something wrong. It ended up with me collapsing/fainting when I just freaked out too much.

I am trying meditation, its not easy and it certainly doesn’t cure anything but it has made me realise that my brain is telling me a lot of stuff that isn’t helping me. I am using the 10% Happier app at the moment, which is quite good.

On a lighter note, I love DOI as well, also a massive Strictly fan! The GC doesn’t seem to be doing herself any favours at the moment, I think she could actually skate semi well if she tried a bit more!

(Thedotterypotter) #51

Thanks Amy :slight_smile: Yes, I’ve given myself something else to freak out about today…I just poured a glaze over some work and didn’t wear gloves. One of the ingredients has stained my skin yellow. I’ve washed it straight off but there is still some staining. I phoned up my clay supplier and he said I should wash my hands about 9 times but if my skin became irritated, i should go to the hospital. Anyway, I phoned 111 and as I was on the phone to a researcher, I tickled the cat and he clawed one of my stained fingers and made it bleed, so I instinctively stuck it in my mouth! Now I’m waiting for a call back from a nurse about toxicity as I have now got the potential that I have ingested it (which I probably haven’t as I had really washed my hands a lot of times!) Every single day I have a worry about something that I fixate on! It never ends!

(Thedotterypotter) #52

Now they’ve told me to go to A&E because it’s corrosive but I really think they are being overly cautious! Wish me luck…


yikes! Good luck! Am thinking you did the best thing by washing numerous times. Better overly cautious I say! Fingers crossed the wait time at A&E isn’t hideous!

(jessicagoulty) #54

Oh no Sarah! I hope all is fine and they are just being over cautious!

On the subject of cats my two are pretty soppy but one is definitely more of a lap cat than the other. Although both a a bit more wary now the bundle of mischief is about! ( She absolutely loves them - screams with excitement when they appear!)

(Thedotterypotter) #55

Aww - I remember when my boys were tiny and they always used to crawl along the floor to hug the cat - he was surprisingly tolerant. My two cats now would never have put up with that though…they are both easily spooked and not tolerant of much fussing at all. (apart from when I stealth kiss their ears from behind!)

(Thedotterypotter) #56

Got to A&E and saw the triage nurse fairly quickly…she didn’t seem to think there was a problem and she phoned up toxicology just to make sure but it should all be fine…so I’m home already, thanks goodness!
I really must try travelling a bit further from home now though as the hospital is only 5 miles from home but even that made me so anxious. I have got to start pushing myself!

(Amy Archer) #57

I’m glad you are o.k I think that the brain can’t relax it has to be stressing over something, even if it makes something up.

(Kim Onyskiw) #58

Definitely don’t want all your trips out to be because of unpleasant things like dentists and hospitals!

If you’re still stained try bicarb mixed with a bit of water. I don’t know if it’ll work with glazes, but it works great when I get aniline dye on my hands.

(Roz) #59

Sarah @thedotterypotter - in my experience the people on 111 are always somewhat over cautious. My daughter cut her hand the other day while working at Longleat with the animals so was concerned about infection/tetanus/rabies. She is up to date with her rabies/tetanus jabs but being a super anxious person she was fretting so I told her to call 111 - they made her even worse saying she should go and get a rabies booster. She was going to the doctors for an unrelated issue anyway and when she mentioned it to him he said that because they are zoo animals there was no problem as they are very strict re:rabies control… well she hasn’t started foaming at the mouth yet so I’m guessing she is OK!

I have spent the afternoon filling in another application form for the job I have got a second interview for on Thursday. They wanted complete employment history since leaving school with any gaps explained - it was an online form and wouldn’t even let me leave a gap of 2 months between leaving Uni and starting work without explaining why - I just wanted a long holiday! They also wanted start and end dates - I cant even remember what year I changed jobs let alone month and day, I just had to guess with some of them and I’m sure I have forgotten some of the jobs I have done!

Hey ho - did manage to get a couple of small things made. Taking my daughter for an interview at Bath Uni for a job as a lab technician tomorrow. Maybe someday soon we will both be employed - fingers crossed!

(Joy Salt) #60

When I was in my early teens I used to go home for lunch as school dinners were gross. Had a call to school one day saying I had to stay at school as Mum had gone to A&E.
She was trying to keep her weight down (thanks for those genes Mum !) and used to drink PLJ (pure lemon juice if you’re too young to remember) to suppress her appetite. That day she picked the wrong bottle from under the sink and had a big big swig of Lanry (pure bleach) instead.
Doctor said straight to A&E. 4 hours later she went home not having seen anyone and the moral of this story is… she lived to 93 with very clean insides so you should be ok just from that bit of a sucked thumb :slight_smile: :slight_smile: