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General chit chat thread

(Joy Salt) #81

Ah no. I’m Always motivated to make glass.
It’s being bothered to resurrect my almost permanently vacationing ‘other’ shop which I can’t be bothered with.
For many reasons including boredom with anything associated with the E**** word and the fact that I love my shop being here on Folksy so devote my time to it.:wink:

(Sarah Bell) #82

Goodness, I’ve just checked in on a few teams over there and it’s not user friendly at all, I can’t get anything to load on my iPad. Ugh.

(Kim Onyskiw) #83

It’s ok for me as my stock is slow selling so it’s very unlikely I get 2 sales in 1 day/week, never mind of the same item. I can imagine it’d be a lot more difficult for you though with your fast moving stock, and you get plenty of sales on here anyway so you shouldn’t need to bother with them.

If I could I’d just be here too, but I need to get my sales up before I can consider leaving the other (as I already have almost everything listed there it’s barely any work to keep it going).

@SarahDesignsUK Glad it’s not just me!

(Dosrodgerspottery) #84

We gave up with the 'E’shop last year. We did really well on there until the changes. It was just like someone flicked a switch ‘Off’ :expressionless:.
Anyway we’ve had to put our folksy shop on an unexpected holiday. Dad was rushed to hospital Monday. He lost 4 units of blood, had a collapsed lung and given 4 hours to live. 5 days later he’s sitting up in hospital eating and drinking as good as ever. 94 and not out yet :grin: They don’t make 'em like that any more.

(Roz) #85

Hope your Dad continues to recover well @Dosrodgerspottery
I am currently collapsed on the sofa having woken up with the first signs of the dreaded lurgy. Managed to get into town for another interview (dont know how that went but on reflection the job I have already been offered is probably more suitable for me) but have no energy to do much now. I managed to force myself to take some photos when I got back and have been lying here with my laptop slowly editing them and getting some listings written but it is all getting a bit boring now!

(Thedotterypotter) #86

What a trooper! Hope your Dad continues to make a speedy recovery @Dosrodgerspottery x

How are you feeling tonight Roz @OrchardFelts? xx

(Roz) #87

Still feeling pretty rubbish - have just climbed into bed with my book. Doubt I will read much of it before I fall asleep. In a sense I am quite pleased to be ill now - I am off to Dublin for a long weekend next weekend to meet up with some ex colleagues, one of whom I havent seen for 20+ years, so I want to be fit and well for that.

(Joy Salt) #88

Have a good night’s sleep and hope you wake up better :slight_smile:

(CatherineDove) #89

There’s lots of it about. We’ve been catching all sorts here off each other in our house over the last few months. The norovirus my toddler brought home from nursery just before Christmas was definitely the worst… Hope you feel better in time for your trip.

(CatherineDove) #90

I also keep different stock in my E shop to here for the same reason- although I haven’t really sold in either place so probably not worth the bother! But i’ve not put any fresh listings on there for a few months now as i’m trying to make a proper go with Folksy.

(CatherineDove) #91

Oh dear… I was on my way to bed when I stumbled across this thread. Half an hour later…!

Loving all the kitty pictures :slight_smile: I left my cat keeping my three year old company on her bed as she’s been a bit scared of shadows this last week. She likes to sit on my lap at night (at least for a short while) and often tries to sit on my beading tray, not that I let her near it. Have to watch her anyway; she loves to try and chew my thread if she can sneak near enough. I have to store my personal jewellery very carefully too as she makes off with it otherwise; after foolishly leaving them out one night, I once found a missing earring down behind the television table! :roll_eyes:

(Kim Onyskiw) #92

That’s amazing! Hope he carries on doing so well for much longer.

@OrchardFelts Get plenty of sleep to make sure it’s gone for next weekend.

@CatherineDove I’m glad my work involves nothing string like, because it must be so hard with cats around. They’ll never understand why you’re wiggling string around but telling them off for trying to chase it.

Had a trip to the vets today because one of the rats has turned into a rattle. Got a bottle full of antibiotics so hopefully it’ll work. Strangely chocolate is meant to help them with breathing problems (lucky rats!) but I’ve never tried it yet because I’m too used to it being toxic for everyone else.

(Beadseedz) #93

Poor rat. I hope he/ she is better soon. Hope you get better soon too Roz @OrchardFelts. It must have been such a scare when your Dad was taken ill @Dosrodgerspottery. You are right, they don’t make 'em like that these days.
Is anyone else doing the Big Garden Birdwatch this weekend?

(Rhiannon Rose) #94

One of my cats loves wire! She is a nightmare, as she can smell it out and discover it underneath my desk and anywhere else it’s fallen. She has a special noise for when she finds it, so when we hear that, we drop everything and try to catch her and remove it from her!

(Daisyspiritcreations) #95

My cat squeak likes to snuggle up in my dressing gown when I’m wearing it. She also snuggles underneath the duvet with me at bedtime :heart:

(Beadseedz) #96

Gimli, the new kitten, likes to get under the duvet when we are in bed. Which is OK for the first 5 minutes. Then he gets bored and starts to bite our feet, at which point he is ejected!

(Kim Onyskiw) #97

One of my cats has that special noise for spiders and moths. It’s nice to have a warning system that there’s a spider in the room! He can’t miaow most of the time (comes out as a croak, so he got named Gremlin) but he’ll make an effort to make a noise for that and “oww”.

@Beadseedz Thanks. She already seems a little quieter so hopefully won’t be long.

(CatherineDove) #98

Misty has a special meow when she brings in a mouse. Very rare, but we sure do move quickly when we hear it!

(Beadseedz) #99

Ah yes, cats and mice. We had one cat, Biggles (think I mentioned him earlier), who used to bring live mice into the house and then let them go. I am not sure whether it was inefficient hunting or whether he was trying to train us to catch them too. I was awakened one night to feel something pulling my hair. Opened my eyes to find a mouse on the pillow next to me, eyeballing me. I screamed (I don’t usually have a problem with mice but this was a little too close for comfort), woke hubby and we spent the next hour chasing the wretched thing round the bedroom. We ended up with all the furniture pulled out and the divan bed propped up on a stool as the mouse kept going under it. Eventually we had the bright idea getting Biggles and told him that he brought it in, so he could catch it. He did one lap of the bedroom after it, sat down and yawned and went back downstairs, as if to say, “thanks, but I don’t want to spoil your fun”. We did catch it fairly soon after that and released it outside, unharmed. Needless to say, it was not the best night’s sleep we’ve had.
In later life when Biggles was getting on a bit, he did bring in a dead mouse … in a mouse trap! We never found out where he’d pinched it from, although we had our suspicions. He’d clearly decided that catching them himself was too much like hard work.

(Roz) #100

Mmm, talking of the things cats bring home … my cat used to bring assorts of wildlife home, from mice to pigeons but he surpassed himself one day when he turned up with a nice leg of lamb in his mouth! Think he must have nicked it from the neighbours house - I never did find out who had lost it!