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Gosh I've gone all International

I guess I can now say I really do sell internationally. I’ve just had 8 orders for my knitting patterns from USA, Canada, New Zealand and India. :open_mouth:

I really must make sure I put more of my patterns into my shop who knows I might sell some in the UK. :smile:

And to top it off I’ve had a rather large spike in my viewing figure for yesterday :open_mouth:

edited due to title was all wrong lol


How exciting! :smiley:

Wow. . . .well done you, are you still dancing??? Lol

If my eye’s weren’t about to shut I would be lol

Brilliant! Well done!

Shirley x

Good news - had you been doing something different in your promotion or do you think it was just momentum!!

Well for the past 2 and a bit years I’ve been on a American knitting forum which is huge I always share my work over there.

Right from my first item I had people contact me via their private message system asking if I’d share my patterns. When I said I sell my knitting patterns so couldn’t just give them away some were extremely rude about it tbh and I nearly stopped posting on their.

However many of the ladies tried to buy the odd pattern from my folksy shop but couldn’t seem to work it so asked if they could buy from me via paypal invoicing.

This last month it’s snowballed every evening around 11pm in come the requests via private messages on that forum or to my email address which they get off my folksy shop. saying please can I buy…

I’ve not been getting to bed before 2am for the past week. It’s just gone mad.

I have my shop url in my signature on every post I make over there.

I’m also admin on another craft forum and I get customer orders from that one from time to time but that’s for finished items in fact I’m finishing off one right now. I do a number of How To Tutorials on that forum as well.

It is well worth being a member on a number of different craft forums and being active showing your work, offering help and assistance. Doing the odd How To Tutorial. A good active craft forum with huge amount of members is a easier way to get your work and your name out their than say blogging.

I’ve also been in some craft / knitting magazines from being on one forum.


Good for you. You’ve clearly worked hard and now it is paying off! Lessons for me there!!!

I too have just gone international. I have just sold my first item abroad. Canada here it comes. :grin:


Great to hear the above sales…i have a shop also on Etsy and a selection of my art has gone to California, New York and Spain.

It is a great feeling to now that something you have created is being used or displayed overseas, and when you tell someone this, it gives you a sense of achievement and the person told is surprised at the news which makes it better

Well done all and keep up the great work : )

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