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Why doesn’t Folksy make this easier for people who want to leave reviews. I’ve purchased several items and can’t leave a review. And before you say check your emails, I shouldn’t have to. Nobody should. I often don’t have access to my emails. I don’t want to keep checking my emails in order to leave a review. I want a Leave A review button in my purchases section. Rant over.

The button under the purchases button is for reviews. You can click that to see your purchases and leave a review

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I replied on the other thread you commented on.

It works like this to prevent random people leaving spurious reviews. Only people who have actually made the purchase should be able to review it.

Don’t know how I’d manage if I ‘often’ didn’t have access to my emails - hope you don’t miss out on Order notifications.


If you go your dashboard, scroll down to activity and then click on reviews, it shows all the reviews you’ve given previously and allows you to review your recent purchases.

As well as the reviews section on dashboard, once your email comes in you will also get a notification at the top of Folksy when you log in that you have a review to leave, so as long as you’re a Folksy member you don’t need regular access to your emails to leave a review.

If however you bought as a guest it has to be done this way, as you need to make sure it’s the person that bought the item that’s leaving the review.

Perhaps Folksy should operate like the review companies out there (Trust Pilot for example) that let any old tom dick and harry say whatever they want about anybody that they fancy … without ever having had any dealings with them. And if you think I’m joking… just try it… go in, find a totally random company and leave a review… and yes it will get published. Imagine if that company was your shop and they said nasty things about you even though they have never bought from you.
The Folksy system of reviews is absolutely adequate and requires no change.

Ps. I very rarely leave a review if chased for one (and in fact very likely to not give one if chased).

PPS Updated to say I received a gorgeous ‘Fence Robin’ today from
I went straight into my Reviews on my dashboard, no email notification required, and have left my review.
Just don’t see any problem with the reviews options we now have.


For some reason I don’t have or cannot see the facility to leave a review on my dashboard. I buy quite a lot on these sites, and always leave a review if I can, but the way it’s looking on here, I’m giving up. Don’t have a problem on Etsy. They make it really easy to leave a review.

Nope. Never had that notification at the top of Folksy. I don’t buy as a guest.

I don’t see what Trust pilot has to do with Folksy making reviews easier for buyers. I don’t use Trust Pilot if I’m buying from sites like this anyway.

No, it doesn’t. Not for me. The reviews I’ve left have been via emails. This is my problem. Perhaps it has something to do with my computer that I’m not seeing this facility? I dunno.

On your Dashboard, scroll down near to the bottom. Click Reviews. That will show all your purchases made when you were signed in and let you leave a review for them. No problem,

and this is the email i got from Folksy when I ordered not signed in … and I loved it and left a review to say so. Again no problem.

I don’t rely on my emails for purchases or sales. I rarely have and have never missed a sale. Same on Etsy. I would have thought the only people who can leave reviews are buyers? Etsy don’t have this problem. By each purchase there’s a link to leave a review. I don’t seem to have any link for my purchases on here.

I seem to remember a while back people complaining that they never got any reviews. No wonder.

Are you absolutely sure that you are signed in when you purchase. Folksy does very easily and quite quickly sign you out and you may not notice. I have several times accidentally purchased not signed in and when I remember nowadays I always check first.

May I politely suggest you might consider not being so critical of a Folksy facility ,which you are then comparing to E***… There is a convention that we don’t do such an open mention of other competitor sites.

I have no problem with leaving reviews and I have multiple reivews left for me so obviously many customers have no problem either.
Perhaps take a look at the advice you have been given here to correct whatever it is you are doing which is giving you problems.


Yes. I’m automatically signed in here and always purchase via my shop. It’s very frustrating, as I want to leave reviews for the sellers on here without having to go my emails all the time.

Yes,I went straight to purchases. There’s no link or button to leave a review against those purchases. Do you or anyone else have a screen shot of that link?

I said Reviews Not Purchases.

You cannot stay automatically logged in. Even if you click that box you are still logged out…at some point.

I didn’t say I was logged in all the time. I said I automatically get logged in when I visit my shop.

I am leaving this topic. I have tried to advise you as have others but you do not seem very happy to take any advice so I have asked Support to assist you.
Joy :slight_smile:


Thanks. No, I’ve not bought as a guest. Seems to be a glitch my end. I’ll contact Folksy support direct.

Thanks for trying to help.