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Happy St George's Day!

(Nifty) #1

Killing any dragons today?
Going Morris Dancing?

(Little Ramstudio) #2

Nifty, thought you might be spending the day knitting some chain mail :wink:

(Nifty) #3

been there, done that :wink:

(Joy Salt) #4

I am paying a visit to the Jurassic couast. Well in theory anyway. In reality we are on a very nice campsite somewhere about 5 miles above the coast in our motorhome and visibility is about 10 yards due to very low cloud. Forecast for rest of the day is awful so looks as if we’re staying put.
Under my table is a big big box of patterns which I brought to sort out if I got a moment. I have a moment. I’m going to do it :slight_smile:

(Nifty) #5

jurassic coast - isle of wight?

(Margaret Jackson) #6

I ate chocolate cake to celebrate St George’s day. Any excuse really! :wink:

(Joy Salt) #7

Dorset - Lyme Regis area. Chilly but nice :smile: :

(Christina Green) #8

I’ve always felt kinda sorry for the dragon…!

(Christina Green) #9

Love the Jurassic coast, I spent a happy geology field trip down there when I was 17. I still remember the reassuring words of the geology teacher, *If you hear rumbling, run towards the sea!" :wink:

(Nifty) #10

I stull don’t get why St George is ours in any case, he was Turkish I think.

(Little Ramstudio) #11

St Georgois it is then.

(Christina Green) #12

Lol! Well, Greek I think! Maybe the dragon was English? Or maybe I’m thinking of Welsh… :wink:

(Nifty) #13

according to wiki he was born in roman palestine but had a greek dad. he’s also patron of loads of things including, bizarre but true, sufferers of syphilis.

(Little Ramstudio) #14

Wouldn’t mind a pair of those knee pads for wearing in the garden :slight_smile:

(Nifty) #15

hadn’t even realised that posting the link added the pic - fine figure of a chap, isn’t he?

(Little Ramstudio) #16

Did they have Twink home perm kits back then?

(Nifty) #17

he also seems to be wearing madonna’s pointy metal bra (was it madonna?)

(Little Ramstudio) #18

More nipple guard than full brassiere.

(Christina Green) #19

Remarkably camp! And yet also rather doubtful… is that at the mention of syphilis, maybe? :blush:

(Nifty) #20

that is a guy who knows all about protection I think