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(Quillextra) #1

For other social dummies like me. I am slowly getting to grips with social media I think. It seems to me that you can do HASH TAGS on Instagram in a similar way that we do tags on Folksy eg. Putting a # infront of each category that applies to your post to get noticed on every possible search. Please correct me if I am wrong. I am still trying to get to grips with Pintrest, suddenly after a few weeks of nothing I am getting followers and I am not sure why.

(Sue Beacham) #2

Hi Quillextra

Yes you are absolutely right about the # Hash Tags, if there is anything else I can help you with , please get in touch here or my instagram page, I am Ladydarinefinecrafts this is my instagram page

Have a great weekend


(Quillextra) #3

Hi Sue, many thanks for confirming my thoughts on # on IG. Here is another poser on Twitter "How do I get to see ALL my photos when I select them in order to choose the one I want to use. I only see about half of them? I have mentioned this before, sorry to be a pain but I have not come across this before so there must be a reason. Many thanks once again.

(Teresa Bettelley) #4

Yes you are right!
A # makes the word you write after ‘searchable’, so other people who don’t follow you can find your image.

It’s worth adding even obvious stuff like #handmade #jewellery for example.

Pinterest is a funny one- I get no followers for weeks then 3 in one day… Just one of those things I guess!
Hope that helps! PS I’m @shirleyrainbow_tb on Instagram :blush:

(Quillextra) #5

Hi Shirley, Many thanks for your reply.It’s taken a couple of months for me to try and get to grips with the social media. I think I am getting somewhere so hopefully the sales will follow. Thanks again. Quillextra

(Teresa Bettelley) #6

Social media is such a tricky one… We have to learn as we go! I’m lucky to have a tech savvy younger sister who is willing to point her tech stupid big sister in the right direction! Good luck with it all!