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Have you heard about the Just a Card Campaign?

(Emma Rogerson) #1

I wasn’t quite sure where to put this post so apologies if I have got it wrong.

There is a new campaign on social media aimed at encouraging people to buy from independent designers and makers. It’s called Just a Card. It’s been set up by Sarah from Sarah Hamilton prints and is supported by Mollie Makes and The Design Trust.

I think it’s in all our interests to raise awareness about the need to support independent shops, galleries, designers and makers so would urge you to read and support on social media…

Twitter @justacard1



(Carol Webb) #2

Brilliant idea - done :smile:

(Becky Helliar) #3

Gonna get on it, thanks for the tip off :wink:

(Liz Clark) #4

Just bumping this up, as I’ve just come across this campaign and I think if it passed you by (like it did me!) or you’re new to Folksy, you might be interested. :slight_smile:

(Hook A Woolly) #5

I’ve supported this on Twitter for a while, shared on FB etc.
It came about because I think the founders business went under and she said if everyone who had gone in her shop to walk around had bought just a card instead of leaving she might’ve survived.
Get involved on Twitter with #justacard :blush:

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