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Help! First Sale (yay) but have I up paypal wrong?

(jomcgregor) #1

Hi Folsky,

just made my first sale which am v pleased about but the buyers not paid
yet… do they typically pay straight away?

have I done something wrong when I set up PayPal…??

Please let me know as soon as poss if at possible,



(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

normally it’s straight away. Have you checked your paypal account. The other week payments into paypal accouts took longer than usual as paypal had a problem.

(jomcgregor) #3

thanks Eileen…its not in my paypal account…
I think I listed my personal as opposed to business paypal in the settings… would that cause the issue?
thanks v much for the response :smile:

(Roz) #4

Sadly not all sales convert to paid sales :frowning: . I would check that you have entered your paypal address on Folksy - when I changed mine recently I found I had entered it wrongly and then had to set up a new paypal account in the “wrong” name to get the payment to come through. Does it show up as paid on your dashboard? If not then I would wait a few hours and then send the customer a polite email asking if they have had difficulty paying and offering to invoice them directly if that is the case. If you don’t hear back then sadly you will have to assume they have changed their minds and you will need to cancel the order so that you can return the item to your shop and get your folksy fees back.

(Melanie Commins) #5

Unlike other sites, Folksy registers items as sold before the item has been paid for so it’s not unusual to have ‘sales’ that never eventuate.

As long as the PayPal email address in your Folksy shop settings is correct then it’s unlikely to be an issue with PayPal (or you setting it up wrong). A lot of sellers will email a buyer who hasn’t paid to see whether or not they want to go ahead with the sale.

You can easily cancel the order from the order page if you don’t want to email the buyer or they let you know they don’t want to complete the purchase.

(Joy Salt) #6

When I get one of these I always send an email soething like the one below. Nearly all of my “non payments” do eventually sort themselves out and get paid but there are always a few who change their mind between committing to buy and paying. Sometimes it’s for simple reason like they don’t want to use Paypal and didn’t realise that the payment process takes them there - even though they can use a card instead of an account.

> Peter
> Thank you very much for your order for my ----------.
> I have received notification of the order from Folksy but your payment hasn’t come through.
> I usually get 3 emails when I sell something. I’ve only received the email below which tells me I what I have sold and to whom.
> I normally also get another 2 about payment received (one from Folksy / one from Paypal) but these haven’t appeared.

> It may be that you haven’t got round to doing the payment part yet (?) but I do wonder if you have had a problem with this, as has happened occasionally to my customers in the past.

> If you do want to complete the purchase of the dish then, you should have received an email from Folksy with the title
> [folksy] Thank you for buying on Folksy today
> Within that email it says :
> If you have not already paid for the item could you pay now by clicking on this link. The link is valid for 24 hours.

> If you click the link within the email which Folksy sent you it should let you back in to continue payment. Payment is always via Paypal but you don’t need a Paypal account to make payment, you can use a card.

> Can you let me know if you do have a problem please.

> Regards
> Joy xx