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Notification of order

Morning all, I don’t get many orders so correct me if I’m wrong. But shouldn’t I had got a notification from Folksy that I had one. I only got a PayPal one.
I did tag @folksycontent about it yesterday. But not had any response.

Yes, you should have a Folksy notification, though occasionally they do get held up. This seems a long time, though - try emailing

Also check your dashboard - if the order appears in there, I’d believe it and dispatch the item rather than holding it up waiting for the email.

Yes, you should always get a Folksy notification - have you checked your Spam folder?
I had a problem a few months ago where I didn’t get sale notifications at all for a few months, so I had to keep checking my dashboard but they’ve sorted it out now - it was something to do with the BT e-mail addresses.

I would just send your parcel, as long as you’ve had the payment, all should be fine x

Yes I did send the item, as it was cleared by PayPal and I knew the person via Instagram. Will check my spam again. Maybe it will be there on my laptop.
I did mention it yesterday but I got no response from Folksy.
Thank you. :grin:

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I had one order a while back where I didn’t get the Folksy notification email. It was the first time it had ever happened and I decided to wait and see if it happened again. Thankfully, I’ve received notifications for all my subsequent orders so I just put it down to a glitch at the time. I know that some people have had longer term problems though. How did you let support know? Did you email them or tag them on the forum? I’m not sure that they always spot forum tags very quickly so email is probably better.

I tagged @folksycontent

Hi Lindsay. Sorry I missed this - I’ve been on leave for a few days and I don’t always see posts I’m tagged in immediately. You should always get a notification from Folksy when you make a sale. If you haven’t already could you email our support team at asking them to check the notification was sent. We know some messages are still being caught in spam filters. With any issues like this it’s always best to contact support as that will usually give you the quickest response.

Ok no worries. I had a PayPal notification and sent it same day. Checked my spam on my laptop and nothing.