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How do I make an invoice out to a customer

(ElizabethanRuby) #1

I’ve a customer who wants me to make several items - I can’t work out how I make out a custom listing for her.

(Kim Blythe) #2

Just do it like a normal listing but tick the ‘custom’ order box near the bottom of the listing page. I have a special picture I use for custom listings too…Here is one of mine as an example.

(ElizabethanRuby) #3

Thanks so much for your quick reply, much appreciated.
It’s funny, I’m just about to give up on Folksy as it really hasn’t taken like Etsy and then I get another order - so now in a puzzle now whether to carry on or leave?!?!

(Kim Blythe) #4

I love Folksy, so friendly. Being UK only it’s a lot smaller than Etsy so needs more promoting. I only have Folksy so all my promoting points here.
I have been here just over 4 years and this Christmas has definately been my quietest…but I’ll carry on here and will try new things in my shop in the New Year.

(ElizabethanRuby) #5

I get sales most days on etsy but do have over 300 items on there I don’t use any form of adverts or social media for promoting, just because I really don’t like it and haven’t really got the hang of it. Everyone says with Folksy you have to drive your own traffic which isn’t my cup of tea.

(Kim Onyskiw) #6

I’d definitely wait until after Christmas before making a decision like that, it’s getting a bit late for international orders now, but there’s still time for the UK shoppers, which is what most people on Folksy will be.

It’s certainly not as busy here for passing traffic, but that’s because it’s so much smaller (so also less competition). I only opened my shop here again in October, so I don’t have much to judge from, but I’ve had 2 lots of sales to people I know (so social media to thank), and 2 to complete strangers (so presumably the people browsing Folksy, rather than brought in from my promotion).

It expect it will be slower here, and yes will work better if you can put the odd link on social media, but there are shops here with hundreds or thousands of sales, so some people definitely manage make it work.
I hope I can too because although my Etsy shop is busier, I feel Folksy is a better fit for me these days. We just need to get it a bit more well known.