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How do you report a dodgy online shop?

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #1

I’m having real problems with an online shop I ordered a rabbit hutch from - ordered 19th May, meant to be 48 hour delivery, and 10 days later (and a variety of excuses!) I still have no hutch, but they are still listing them as available and ready for 48 hour dispatch.

There seem to be a lot of discrepancies with what they advertise on their site compared with what they say when you contact them - I’ve asked for a refund now, fingers crossed I actually get the money refunded (took me ages to save for it, I can;t afford to lose it :frowning: ) but I don;t want other caught out like I’ve been.

Is there anyone you can report places like this too?

Have been trying to put this in the general chat section…but the sections tab for new topics seems to have disappeared…

(Christine Shephard) #2

I can only think of Trading Standards - perhaps their local office, the website should give their trading address somewhere.

(Pauline Hayward) #3

If you paid for it by Paypal then you can take out a dispute with Paypal and get your money back that way. If you paid by visa you can contact your bank and tell them the problem your having. They will probably advise you to send them a letter telling them you want a refund which you need to give them 30 days to respond to and if they don’t your bank will refund you or should do. We’ve had to do that a couple of times with success.


(Sara Leigh Thornton) #4

Wish I had paid by Paypal - I used a credit card. Will just have to keep checking that the money has come back - as I never even got an email confirmation of my order, I can’t see them sending anything to confirm they refunded…

(Pauline Hayward) #5

Sara, do you not have the same rights on a credit card to a Visa card. I would get in touch with the credit card company. It’s worth a try.


(Pauline Hayward) #6

Not sure if this helps.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #7

yep contact your credit card company reporting non delivery. They’ll refund you and do a charge back on the company which will cost them more than if they’d refunded you properly.

I would inform the shop that you will expect a refund in 7 days if not you’ll be contacting your credit card company and doing a Charge back.

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #8

If you paid by credit card, you’re covered by their insurance - they legally must provide this insurance for you. Look on the back of your latest bill, for advice on what to do or how to find out about contacting the credit card company.

Even if you didn’t receive an e-mail confirmation of the order, you are likely to have records of it yourself - and if you have exchanged e-mails with them since, asking about your order, then this is proof of ordering. Even so, if they took your money and didn’t deliver the items, then the credit card company will have a record of the payment (which will appear on your statement) and will be able to process a charge back and refund you.


(Kate Singleton) #9

Contact Trading Standards. I had EXACTLY the same problem and the shop were just not interested at all, even after writing to them recorded delivery. Trading Standards can advise you and in some cases can actually intervene, in my case they visited the shop in person to “advise” them (force them to rectify the problem and evidence that it wont happen again) I know its difficult and wish you best of luck.

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #10

Thanks for your advice, everyone.

I asked for a refund a week ago on 29th May. He said it would be processed that day. I still haven’t had the money back! Contacted him again today and said it was his last chance to send the refund before I take action.

It seems other people have had exactly the same problem with this company :frowning:

(Pauline Hayward) #11

Now you’ve threatened to take it further don’t be surprised, you’ll probably find he’ll pay up. A lot of companies don’t think that customers will take it further, but don’t let him get away with it, take action even it means waiting a couple of months. Show him you mean business especially if other people have had the same problems with this company.
Good Luck!!


(Sara Leigh Thornton) #12

Absolutely no way am I letting this drop - he has a website that makes promises about speedy delivery - one person ordered their hutches 48 DAYS ago for 48 hour delivery…

Even if he does refund without any further hassle I am reporting him. I’d hate for even more people to have this hassle.

(Pauline Hayward) #13

Good on you!!