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How long does it take for a sale notification?

(Tanya ) #1

Hi all,

At 8:30 this morning, I clicked on Folksy’s home page and noticed a pair of my earrings were ‘being bought now’. However, I haven’t received notification of ‘that’ sale and it’s 9:28.

I have this same pair of earrings for sale elsewhere and if I hadn’t noticed that they were being sold on the homepage, they would have been live on another selling platform for others to purchase too.

I’m concerned the sale notification takes too long.


(Christine Shephard) #2

They probably haven’t been bought - the homepage shows it as ‘being bought now’ if someone has added them to their basket, but it doesn’t mean they actually went ahead and bought them. Sales emails usually come through pretty quickly and the payment email usually follows soon after. You can check your orders to see whether the sale really happened or not.

(Tanya ) #3

Arh, that makes sense. Thanks Christine.