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No notification

Just to warn people to check their dashboard for sales…
I have had a sale this evening, abut 45 minutes ago and have had no notification from Folksy or Paypal yet. They normally arrive within a few minutes.
I only knew because my customer told me on Facebook…


Just to let people know that I did eventually get the notifications from Folksy and Paypal, but not until late this morning, so quite a delay. I’m with Google mail so don’t know it was an issue with them or Folksy…

Same here Kim, only received PayPal notification, nothing from Folksy.

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Would you be able to let know, if you haven’t already Kim and @LifeCovers? If you could include details of the actual order that would be great and then we can look into it. Thank you!

Hi Camilla
Thank you, I have emailed them.


This happens to me quite often - I can make a sale during the evening and get the paypal notification but not get the Folksy one until the next day.
Similarly, I can get the Folksy notification and not the paypal one until the next day.
It’s all been OK for me over the last few weeks though.

Thanks @folksycontent and @amyfolksy - sorted.