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How long til you got your first sale?

I know its probably different for everyone but just wondering.

Also were your first sales from friends or folksy shoppers?

I think it was about 6 weeks for me. Didn’t think it would ever happen! I started my shop while really busy with other things (other work & moving house) and then closed it for over a month while settling in, dealing with leaking roofs, no heating or internet. So I have a whole load of excuses for my poor sales :smiley:
New year, renewed effort!

My first sale was on the day I opened but that was to a friend who wanted to support my new venture. First sale to someone I didn’t know took a bit longer. Are you doing any social media promotion to let your friends and family know that you have set up your shop and to allow them to spread the word for you?

Mine was a few months after opening. I was starting to think I wouldn’t make one. I have had a lot of views, but sadly no further sales.

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Mine was about a week after opening and was to someone I didn’t know, so felt really good!

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After opening my Folksy shop, it took a whopping 7 months before I made a sale! I thought it would never happen. Looking back though, I was hopeless at promoting my shop so it was no wonder really. I was making sales elsewhere (craft fairs, Facebook, directly to friends/family), just not on Folksy. It’s always been very rare for me to sell to friends via Folksy. If friends want to buy, they usually approach me directly.

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It took me about a month and a half. I was new to online selling and wasn’t promoting yet as I had a lot of work to do, but somehow someone, outside of Folksy, found my most expensive item at the time and bought it! I’m still quite shocked as I didn’t have previous sales or feedback either.


What an encouragement, I am still getting to grips with promoting myself, but that was great!

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@ SashaGarrett…Yes, I am on social media and starting to promote that way. I had my 13 year old show me how to use instagram :slight_smile:
I am not so good at showing my friends, although they have seen things in my house and I haven’t mentioned I made them until they asked me about they as they were impressed. I will aim to do this also though x

You can add links to your social media channels via the shop appearance tab on your dashboard. You can also put a link to your shop in your instagram bio that way if someone spots something they like they can find your shop to buy it (you can add a ‘shop now’ button to your facebook page to bring people to your folksy shop). It can feel like you are talking to yourself at the beginning but slowly the net spreads and more people find out about your work.

Thank you so much! I have added all my social media links on my dashboard, but I havent added folksy on to my instagram bio so Ill do that as well. A ‘shop now’ but on facebook is also great, thank you. You have been so helpful xx

I think it was about 4 months for me & that sale was to my lovely Auntie.

Looking back though I wasn’t promoting much and my photos weren’t very clear.

I don’t know why but I too never really talk about my little business with friends or work colleagues.
They know I have a little shop but it never really comes up in conversation.
I think it’s because I’m quite a shy person and would feel like I was annoying everyone.
It would be great though to make a few sales through social circles.

I’m my own worst enemy as they say lol. :slight_smile:

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I was on here about a month before I sold anything. This was 2009, so Folksy was relatively young and quite different from now. I didn’t really have any expectations and it was a lovely surprise to have a sale!..