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How many emails are too many?

I had an order very late on Friday evening followed immediately by an email asking if they could add to the order. I replied immediately saying to go ahead and order and I would post everything together and refund any excess postage. That was late Friday and I’ve heard nothing more. The customer’s email was sent from a Hotmail account and because sometimes some emails from my business account sent to Hotmail addresses get junked, on Saturday morning I re-sent the email from my Gmail - apologising for any duplication. It’s now Sunday evening and still no response. I don’t want to hold sending the item she’s paid for but I don’t want her to think I’m ignoring her OR that I’m being a pest :smirk: Shall I try emailing again, put a note in with her order or both :thinking:

She may have been away for the weekend, you could wait until tomorrow, and then email again saying “if you don’t hear from her by the end of the day, then you will post those items that she has paid for”. This means she will know what is happening and she can still place another order.

Thanks Jayne - that’s what I was thinking, just to hold fire until later tomorrow afternoon. I’d hate to loose the extra orders but I’d hate it even more to be seen as either too pushy or ignorant. I think wording it as you suggest is a good compromise.

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It’s so difficult isn’t it? I had a repeat customer order 4 things, but immediately sent a message asking for chains instead of cord, but didn’t specify which colour. I messaged back to clarify, no reply, messaged through folksy, no reply, used a different email account, over the course of the weekend. I ended up sending them all with spare chains! Still not heard anything, just hope they’re ok!

Hope this worked out OK for you Sarah. I’ve now made contact with the customer and she’s ordered the other 2 necklaces - which is good. Turns out I was right to re-send the first email and it looks like Hotmail was up to its old tricks and blocked the first one from my business account - thank goodness for Gmail :grinning: