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About signatures and stores

(Stephanie Guy) #1

Thank you Leanne, I hadn’t twigged that.

How did you get the Leanne Woods Designs link to appear below all your posts?

Welcome to the Discourse forum usability test!
(Stephanie Guy) #7

@SianFolksy is it possible to have a signature that is automatically added to the end of each post? The tip @SeetheWoods gave us is brilliant for linking back to our shops but takes some typing each time. It’d be better if it could be added automatically as a signature. I had a look in my preferences but couldn’t see anything there at the moment.

Stephanie Guy Fine Art

(Joy Salt) #8

Now that would be a brilliant idea as it would automatically give others the link to the shop xx

(Shirley Woosey) #9

Just trying the signature thingy!


Think I’ve done it!

Oooh! That’s clever!

(Little Ramstudio) #10

Need to master the signature thingy…


Boo Hoo…must back up this thread and read how to do it properly :cry:

Must not press buttons when you don’t know what they do…

(Little Ramstudio) #11

Help, how do you link it back to your shop?

(Christine Shephard) #12

enter the address in the hyperlink thingy first, then type in the actual name you want to appear

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(Leanne Woods) #13

Type your shop name, highlight it and click the link button up in the formatting bar, it looks like a little chain link then paste your shop address in the box. Once you’ve done that it turns your shop name into a bit of code that links to your shop, copy it and keep it somewhere handy to paste in each post instead of doing the whole thing from scratch each time.

And I’m in work and the wifi is pants so I’m not doing mine:-)

(Christine Shephard) #14

There’s nothing to stop users linking to their own websites instead of their Folksy shops with this - in fact you could link to anywhere. Could be an issue for Folksy…

(Little Ramstudio) #15


Testing, testing…

Is that working? When I hit on it I got a box saying Oops Google couldn’t find our shop?

Taking Nytol at present, think it should be re-named the stupid pill. :blush:

(Sian ) #16

I’ll speak to the Folksy team about the best way to link out to Folksy on Monday. I don’t think Discourse supports signatures, but I’ll check!

(Sam Saffron) #17

We certainly do not, see:

A plugin can be built if you insist, but it is not a feature we like or will ship with core.

You can add information in the about me field which is visible in the user hover.

(Jeff Atwood) #18

I have taken the liberty of moving this discussion about signatures out to its own topic so it’s a little easier to find.

We certainly understand the need to link to your store, it is absolutely a part of your Folksy identity!

So we want to figure out a way to keep it in the identity column near your name, so instead of this:

More like this

That is just a rough mockup of course – but we generally want to avoid interrupting the conversational flow with a lot of repeated information that is the same every time, while also letting you share your store and identity with everyone as well.

edit: given the long numbers and amounts of names in play (plus store) we may need to move to a layout like this:

Again forgive the crudity of the mockup, but hopefully you can see the intent.

(Hazel Rayfield) #19

sounds good to me … :slight_smile:

(Nifty) #20

I agree it’s best not to have loads of repeated stuff, it is indeed an interruption to the flow and can in some extreme cases come across as downright rude to me - I’m thinking of a forum where people tend to post their entire social network as a siggy. It just feels like they’re shouting “LOOK AT ME!”

but yes, a quicker clicky link to our shops would be great.


(Trevor Harvey) #21

Time for a test…

Trevor Harvey Art

Wow - that’s a surprise - got it right first time!

(Leanne Woods) #23

Sounds great, thank you:)

(Helen Smith) #28

I have to say I’m not a big fan of signatures* on every post either, especially in the context of a conversation where you see the same thing over and over. I’d prefer to see shop names over on the left along with our avatar, but then I have a nice short shop name, I can see how it might be a problem for longer names.

*particularly when they incorporate the words ‘love and light’ but that’s probably just me being grumpy :wink:

(Nifty) #31

I’ll join you in the grumpy corner fff by confessing I don’t like signatures with kisses.

(Helen Smith) #37

Oh! Did we not used to have our real names displayed against our avatars as well as our shop names? Has it gone? I quite liked not being anonymous, but I suppose some people prefer it.