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Important Information for all “Facebook Page” Users

I’ve noticed that too many Facebook users do not use the visible connection between their Facebook profile and their Page.

It is sad because it is almost impossible to find your business page by knowing only your FB-Profile.

OK, there may be some ways, I speak here about the most important and also the easiest way to have your page connected with your Facebook-Profile.

This is important for all businesses on Facebook who have a Page (and all businesses should have a Page on Facebook anyway).

Go to your Facebook-Profile (your private profile).

Click on “About.”

New page opens, there on the left side, click on “Work and education.”

On the right side opens a Plus Sign with “Add a Workplace” – click on it.

A small menu opens, when you don’t see your page in the selection, your cursor is already placed on “Company (Where have you worked)”, write there the exactly name of your FB page, like my: Ria Janta-Cooper’s Art. After you’ve done it, your page appears in the small selection; klick on it.
In case you see directly your page in the selection just click on it.

You can write in the small menu more information there like, your position: the owner, of course, city, and some description of your Page.

After this do not forget to change – on the left side of Save Changes – from “Friends” to “Public” because you do not want to hide your page – right? -!

Now you’ll see in your “About” the direct link to your Page! Tadam! Here is an example

By the way, if you would like my Page… :slight_smile: I would appreciate it :slight_smile:

It is really no brainer to make it right, but it’ll help with your business-visibility on Facebook. It would also make easier to find your shop on FB!


I’ve just done this! Thanks-I can see it will be useful :smiley:

Sam x

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I’ve noticed this too when trying to work out which shops people have from their names on the Folksy Shop Group.

Good of you to flag it up.

@SamanthaStanley you are very welcome :sunny:

@DeborahJonesJewellery I’ve noticed it too often too :slight_smile:

It makes just no sense having Page and Profile not connected with each other - I would expect that Facebook would do it automatically - but they don’t do it, and what is worse, they don’t have any information how to get the connection done!

Few years ago they had it in their help - this is why I’ve done it on my profile, but now you can find anything about it on FB.

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Anyone would think they are trying to discourage us…:slight_frown:

Sam x

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Thank you @RiaCooper I’d didn’t know you could do that. I have done it now, maybe it will bring more sales :grin:

Yes this looks like i good idea the only thing i am thinking if you change from Friends to Public does this mean everyone can see your personal timeline which is only accessible to friends

This always annoys me when I know friends have facebook pages but I can’t find it on their profile anywhere (and a lot of the time I don’t know the name of it to search it out), I understand people who don’t want to post business stuff on their personal page so they don’t spam their friends/family who don’t care about it, but just putting a link so people can find you if they want to isn’t doing that. It’s just helpful and makes it easy for those of us who do want to know more. Might as well not have a page if you don’t want anyone to find it.

I’m sure facebook used to give us the option of showing pages we managed on our profile too, I wish they’d bring that back as it was another nice little link to the business page (and let you show off other pages that you might not want to say you work at, like interest ones rather than business ones).

The only problem with this is that I also have a “normal job” which is what goes in that space. There is no other way to attach my page, which is quite annoying because I’d love to have that visible link.

Just clicking public on your work information won’t make your whole profile public. You can change the privacy on each individual thing on facebook separately (even making one employer public and one friends only), so you can show the world you work at your business but keep everything else to friends.

Helen, there should be space for both. Mine shows my current business and my past workplace, so I imagine if you have 2 current works that they would both show up. You can always give it a test and delete it again if it doesn’t work.

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Many thanks Kim will have ago at changing it now

Thank you Ria for the information i have just changed mine did not think about this until you mentioned it many thanks again Val

I think I did that when I first opened my Facebook business page but I’ve updated it a little bit. Thanks.

Thanks @RiaCooper I’ve just followed your advice :grinning:

@jenniesgems Hi Valerie, changing from friend to public is only the information about your page (=your business, shop!),and the link to your shop are for public, nothing else. Just the link and the info about your shop.

@konyskiw Exactly Kim! You want to interact with the pages of your friends and can’t find them (stupid FB! - they should do it much easier!). Follow my information how to visibly link your profile with your page and the problem is solved :slight_smile:

@PocketfulCreations Helen, you can have many places where you work, where you have worked and also your page. Just follow my instructions, see above.

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@konyskiw Kim, exactly, very well explained. Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks @RiaCooper I did have my mask page there already but I have now added my fairy crown accessory page too …I have also followed your page :smiley:

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Many thanks Ria