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Is it possible to do a reserved listing for customers

i regularly am asked to do commissioned pieces and would like to do a reserved listing for my customers if possible

I just made them a separate listing and have a small picture saying reserved listing. That way they can buy the item and everyone else can see it is a reserved listing when they are looking through your shop.

I make a separate listing titled ‘custom listing for X’, put up a photo of the item or materials and then in the listing put all of the details that were agreed with the client.
here’s an example of someone elses custom listing to give you ideas


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I have made up a special ‘custom listing logo’ to use as my main picture,then the extra pictures are of the actual item…this makes it obvious it is not a normal listing. Here is an example. The details of the order are in the description.


Thank so much…thats great advice…:smiley: will get some done now as i have a couple of commissions