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Is it true that the more items you list the more exposure you get?

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I never list a lot of items at any one time…that is on the grounds that when you list, if you are lucky your items gets onto the front page for a few minutes…it is doubtful that a lot of your listed items would all make it. if listed at the same time.
IF you list one today and one tomorrow, and one or some each day, then each day you stand a chance of being seen.


Thanks for your advise, I have listed several items today but have lots more to do so will try to do it over time.

If you are talking about your items being on the front page then they’ll only be there for a few minutes as people are listing all the time. So if you want your shop to be there a bit longer then space your listings.

But the best way to direct potential customers to your shop is to make sure your are promoting your listings via as many different special media platforms as possible, and via word of mouth

Plus making sure your titles and tags contain the words and phrase’s people would type into a search box to find your items.

In order to keep them looking at our items you’ll need to put all the information in the descriptions that includes all sizing in both imperial and metric measurements. If customers don’t see what they need they’ll quickly leave.

I would suggest making your sizing’s a lot clearer on your Tee shirts for instance.

Remember online customer go by photo’s and descriptions as they can’t pick up an item and give it a good looking at or try on like in a bricks and mortar shop.

Hope that helps

That is good of you to take time to advise me, I will certainly take heed. I have started pinning but cant really understand how it works to get my Folksy items seen and linked back to my Folksy shop, Geoff

with pinterest when you pin the items in your shop to pinterest and make your pinboards public other people will see them and if they like the item and want to know more about it they’ll use the new little view button on pinterest and that will take them straight your shop.

Other people who see your pins who like the item but not neccessarily looking to buy will often re pin your pin to one of their own boards. The more re pins the more people will see your pins.

I hope that helps explain pinterest a bit more for you :smile:

Hi! Good morning, But if I pin one of my items on one of my own boards it only gives me the option to pin to my own boards!
I am pinning other peoples items to my boards but whats the point?

Other people will see your pins and can see your boards.

Once you pin something anyone can see it unless you’ve pinned it to a ‘Secret board’ which is an option for those who might want to pin something they don’t want other’s to see.

You can’t pin to anyone esle’s board unless that person has invited you to pin on their board(s).

If I see one of you pins and I like it I can then pin it to one of my boards.
That’s how it works, it’s very simple and easy.

Pinterest doesn’t like it when you only pin your own items they like to see you pinning and repining other peoples items it’s a form of sharing.

I have loads of different boards and hundreds of different pins and they are not all my own items.

Here take a wee peak at mine pinterest account and see what I mean.

Also the more pins and repins of your items the higher up in a google search your items come.

Hi! I have visited your Pinterest boards and also your shop, very nice indeed. You certainly have worked hard at this. I have pinned a January item to my Quirky board. So if someone clicks on it on my board it links back to your shop? Is that it? It doesn’t matter if it is some one elses image? What are the little pins in the corners? …I do want to get this right!

Thank you :slightly_smiling:
Yes if someone views it and the clicks on the view button it will take the person straight through to the the item on folksy. The pins from my boards you have re pinned to your Quirky board ie the crochet elephant is from another Folksy Sellers shop. So yes if someone was to click on the image then they could click the ‘Visit’ button then they’d been taken straight through to that item on Folksy.

The little pin icon is the one you can click in order to pin someone else’s pin to one of your own boards.

Just experiment a wee bit click on an image then try clicking on the the little pin icon button and try clicking on the ‘visit/view/read’ button not sure why some have ‘visit’, some have ‘view’ or some ‘Read’ I think it’s might be to do where a pin was originally pinned from will depend on what is says.

Thank you for this advice, it’s a question I was just abouts to ask! :slight_smile:

I visited your shop, love your work. G

Thank you for having a look, I really appreciate it and your lovely comment! :smiley:

Just visited your beautiful shop. Your greeting cards are gorgeous, the colours are so vibrant. Wishing you lots of success and sales.

Natasha x