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Problems listing photos

(Carole Watson) #1

II have been a member of Folksy for a few months now and I am constantly having problems uploading photos. I was told to clear cookies etc which I keep doing but still have problems. I use an uptodate version of Firefox as my Browser. It’s infuriating as I have to keep closing down and starting again! Support just keep churning out the same messages
Anybody got any advice

(Christine Shephard) #2

I have to say I’ve never had a problem uploading photos, so not sure why you would have so much of a problem with it. I’ve always used Chrome as my browser, I reduce the size of my photos to no more than 1000 pixels high/wide before uploading them and always use a laptop rather than a mobile device, so maybe it’s a combination of one or more of these that might be causing the problem?

(Carole Watson) #3

Hi Christine
Thanks for the reply. It’s all a bit hit & miss,sometimes they load and sometimes they don’t. I may try Chrome and check on the sizes of my photos. Fingers crossed

(Diane Burton) #4

I use firefox and the only time I have problems is when everything is running slow (usually when my son is on his tablet!) maybe it is your photo size as I usually crop mine to remove excess background.

(Leslie Morton) #5

Hi Carole

Folksy has a message on the shop appearance page that states:
Some shop functionality on Folksy doesn’t work with older browsers, particularly older versions of Internet Explorer. These are the browsers that we suggest using to optimise your experience on Folksy as a seller. These are the ones best supported: Internet Explorer 10
Chrome 28 and later
Safari 6.00 and later
Firefox 23 and later

Here is the article that you are referred to on that page:

Hopes this helps.

Kind regards,

PS I use a Chromebook to administer my shop and it does a brilliant job so I don’t think a pc is any better than a laptop or tablet. I don’t think uploading by phone is a great choice but that is my personal opinion.