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It's my FOLKSY 10th Birthday today

(Joy Salt) #1

Hope you will all celebrate with me as today is my 10th Folksy birthday. Opened my shop 9th April 2009 and haven’t looked back.

Tried very hard to post on the FOLKSY Facebook page but it won’t let me which was rather unfair as I think my 10 year old shop might have been allowed a little mention in celebration but never mind. :frowning: :frowning:

Here’s a cake prepared earlier so please do all take a piece, absolutely calorie free and you have a choice between Cherry Bakewell, Lemon Drizzle or Raspberry Ripple.

(Ali Dufty) #2

Happy shop birthday Joy :)):birthday:

(Helen Healey) #3

Happy 10th Folksy Birthday Joy. xx

(Thedotterypotter) #4

Happy 10th Birthday JOYSofGLASS - here’s to another 10 years (at least) on Folksy :cake::birthday::tada::confetti_ball::balloon::fish_cake: (the last one is a fishcake emoji but I like it’s swirliness!)

(Susan Bonnar) #5

Happy Birthday to you! Have posted your video onto the Folksy FB page - am sure they will share it!

You are so loyal and an amazing ambassador for them!

Will have an actual cake to celebrate for you as I am Marathon training and eating cake at every possible opportunity!

(Joy Salt) #6

To really make my day just had a £75+ order from someone working on a BBC program who needs seaside suncatchers. YEAH :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Think it will be this :

If anyone sees my glass on there please SHOUT :slight_smile:

(Susan Bonnar) #7

YAY!!! (must be 10 characters lol!)

(Linda Austin) #8

Oooooooh Happy 10 Years!! :star2::star2::clinking_glasses::champagne::cupcake::star2::star2:

(Joy Salt) #9

Please eat my slice as Doctor says I am eating too much sugar… Unfair as I actually eat very little !

(Brenda Cumming) #10

well done and hope you stay for many more years x

(Susan Bonnar) #11

Done! (why does it have to be 10 characters…?) I only wanted to say Done!

(Martine Brumwell) #12

Happy 10th Birthday Joy and I like your sort of cake because I’m on a diet :blush: You have done so well on Folksy and what a lovely day to get a special order. Here’s to many more years1 :birthday:

(Lynn Britton) #13

Happy 10th Joy, loving the cake. :grinning:

(Kim Blythe) #14

Happy 10th Birthday @JOYSofGLASS :tada::gift::grinning:

(Amy Archer) #15

Happy birthday, I will watch out for your suncatchers - how exciting :grinning:

(Christine E.) #16

A few of us seem to have a slice of cake next to our names on the forum! I will have been here for ten years in June. Strangely, Joy @JOYSofGLASS doesn’t seem to have one!
Happy Folksy Anniversary, Joy!

(Joy Salt) #17

Oh I wonder where my cake is. I asked Folksy a few months ago when my birthday was so I’ve used that as my birthday and I definitely made my first sale early May 2009 as my records say so.

I am dieting so maybe that’s why :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(Thecraftycurioshop) #18

Well done, Joy, for 10 years and your order today. Thanks for the cake - lemon drizzle for me!

(Helen Healey) #19

Perhaps you didn’t join the forum straight away when you joined Folksy, Joy. The cake is for a forum birthday.

Congrats on the BBC order. Exciting.

(Joy Salt) #20

Could well be the case. I’ll put a piece of mine into the freezer and keep it there till I get my forum slice :slight_smile: :slight_smile: