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Leaving feedback as a guest

(Penelopesstudio) #1

I had my 1st sale recently but unfortunately the buyer (who was thrilled) could not leave feedback as she was a guest buyer. So frustrating, especially for a sellers 1st sale. Is this going to improved??

(Margaret Jackson) #2

Congrats on your first sale! The whole point of being only a guest is that you don’t want too much interaction with the site. If buyers want to leave feedback then all they need to do is sign up. The guest system is good because it gives buyers a choice. If they want to be a part of the site, leave feedback, interact on the forum etc then they sign up for an account. If all they want is to buy things and that’s it, then they remain a guest. There have been a lot more sales since Folksy brought in the guest account as apparently many buyers don’t want to have to sign up for every site they buy from.

Why not ask your buyer to provide you with some feedback on an email and ask for permission to use it on your page/website etc?

(Rosesworkshop) #3

I only buy business supplies with my Roses Workshop id, otherwise my accountant gets niggly at me. If I’m buying for myself or presents then I’m a “guest”, and I almost feel like I’m letting the maker down by not leaving feedback. However, I imagine the technical issues to let guests leave feedback would be excessive, and the programmers could be doing something more urgent.

Anyway, it’s the sale that counts, so well done to you.