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Long colour change sock yarn - help please

I’m hoping all you lovely knitters can help me out - my mum has asked me for some long colour change sock yarn for her birthday and I’ll admit to having no idea what that really is. I know that there are some lovely sock yarns on folksy but I don’t know if they count as long colour change or not. So what would you recommend? Any brands you particularly covet? I have previously gotten her Noro but fancy a change and if I can buy it here then even better.
Thank you

I’m not sure what long colour change is… does she mean that it comes out with wider stripes? In which case the Schoeller and Stahl Fortissima Mexiko range makes nice stripy socks, very popular with my fussy youngest son :wink:

They look interesting, like they might give wide marled stripes. I think she wants the longer colour change (which would produce wider stripes if she were to knit socks) because when she knits shawls/ scarfs with the yarn it gives her a more stripy effect rather than patchy blocks of colour but I’m not entirely sure…

I’m knitting a jumper at the moment with malabrigo sock yarn, I’m not sure it fits the long colour change but it’s absolutely gorgeous, so soft and easy to work with, doesn’t split at all.

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I think she’s referring to yarns that are variegated in colour eg goes red, pink, purple, blue or whatever colours they choose then as you knit you get stipes and blocks of colour just like I used in my little crochet in my shop only mine was Double knitting variegated yarn. Not the fine socking knitting yarn which is much finer like 2 or 3 ply.